Artifacts are still missing from the Warehouse and a familiar face that hasn’t been seen in a while returns in this week’s episode of ‘Warehouse 13′. So, Warehouse agents, grab your neutralizer bags and set your Tesla guns on stun and let’s get to this week’s recap!

Myka and Pete are in South Bend, ND, trying to figure out what caused toy collector Barry Byck to grow 3 inches in the past 3 days. All was fine until the growth spurt became painful. Then right before their eyes, Barry has grown some more.

The agents call Leena who informs then of two other cases of non-explained growth spurts in the area. They head to meet Lisa who explains her experience and as she heads to the kitchen, begins to scream in pain as she begins stretching before her and the agents’ eyes.

Pete and Myka contact Artie and let him know that the growth spurt phenomenon is spreading around town. They tell Artie they still need to contact one more person, Anthony Seklir.

During the conversation, Artie is preoccupied with his wiring project. Just as he closes the Farnsworth, Claudia and Steve come in and show him the black diamond they found in the Dark Vault. Claudia recognizes that Artie’s wiring project is him trying to fix the artifact detection system as it has obviously been on the fritz. Claudia wants to know what he is hiding. Artie tells them that he won’t tell them what’s going on to protect them but Claudia and Steve insist on helping.

Pete and Myka meet with Seklir who is having lunch. As he takes his heartburn pills, Myka remembers that Barry was also taking some kind of medication. They head to Barry’s apartment and find him in pain as he begins to stretch out of his shoes and clothes. They get him to the hospital where the doctors tell them that the people brought in due to the mysterious stretching have 2 days before they are dead as their body is literally pulling themselves apart. Myka looks at the charts and realizes that Dr. Selden has prescribed Reduxid for 2 of the victims.

While at Dr. Selden’s office, they meet Deb, a representative of the pharmaceutical company that makes Reduxid. She tells the agents that she is there to see if it’s their drug that’s making people taller. When Pete and Myka inform her that the drug is killing the patients, she suggests they work together.

Back in the Warehouse, Claudia questions Artie about Brother Adrian and the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond. He tells her that Brother Adrian has a grudge against him because he’s trying to force him to do something he can’t do. When Claudia presses further, Artie gets upset and tells them that sharing time is over. He apologizes for snapping at them and tells Claudia and Steve that he does have a number to Adrian’s cell phone that he tried to trace with no luck. Claudia laughs as his attempts to be a computer genius and gets the number to trace it herself. As they leave, Artie flashes to the original time line when Brother Adrian warns him that anyone he tells that he used the astrolabe will be in grave danger.

Later in the afternoon, Pete’s charm nabs him a bit of some afternoon delight in his hotel room with Deb. They are woken by a knock at the door. It’s Myka and she tells Pete she received a package from Artie that contains the Transcontinental Gold Spike that completed the Transcontinental Railroad and pulls things together. He thinks this artifact may be able to slow down the effects the victims are experiencing.  As she talks, she realizes that Pete slept with Deb who is currently hiding in the bathroom.

While Pete gets dressed, Myka tells him that Leena found another victim who hasn’t taken any of the medication and they need to go check it out. She leaves him to finish getting his clothes on while teasingly calling him a slut as she leaves.

Pete tells Deb that she doesn’t need to investigate the growth spurt phenomenon for her company as the newest victim didn’t take any medication. She still wants to follow Pete but is determined to find out what is causing the abnormal growth spurts in hopes that her company can manufacture it into pill form. She decides to follow Pete without his knowledge.

At the new victim’s home, the victim is writhing in pain on the sidewalk. Myka uses the spike as Pete distracts the EMTs. The spike seems to have stabilized the victim. When Pete gets the all clear from Myka, he allows the EMTs to take the victim to the hospital. During this time, Deb witnesses the entire encounter.

At the hospital, the agents use the spike on the other victims which seems to temporarily reverse their growth. Meanwhile, Deb, with dollar signs in her eyes, tells her boss that she is following two Secret Service agents who seem to be using objects with unusual properties. The possibilities of future profits for the company are endless! In order to get closer to the victims, Deb escorts the fiancée of one to his room.

Artie and Steve finish rewriting the detection system but now before they discover that Harriet Tubman’s thimble is missing; the thimble that allows anyone to change their appearance. Claudia then calls and tells Artie that she was able to track Brother Arian’s cell to an old mansion outside Sturgis.

They head to the mansion in hopes to find Brother Adrian and the stolen artifacts. Inside the house, Claudia and Steve see a figure on the second floor carrying a plank with Roman lettering on it. They head upstairs but loose him.

Myka and Pete continue to deduce what the commonality of the victims is. They finally realize that they all took a cooking class from one of the victims who specializes in exotic spicy foods and uses authentic antique cooking utensils in his classes. Artifact jackpot!

The agents head to Le Cordon Bend where the classes were held and find it completely bare. Pete realizes Deb was there before them.

Back at the mansion, Leena tells Artie that the plank could be the Threshold of Limentinus, belonging to the Roman god of thresholds that could create an opening. That’s how Brother Adrian has been breaking in.

After she hangs up with Artie, there is a knock on the door and it’s Deb who tells Leena she knows there’s more to Pete than he lets on. Leena then calls Pete and tells him that Deb is there. The agents decide to split up with Myka heading to the pharmaceutical company to retrieve the artifact and Pete heading to the B&B to talk to Deb.

Deb manages to connect them to past “rumors” of other strange happenings and questions Pete about them. He tries to put her off but to no avail.

Back at the pharmaceutical company, Gil is taking to a senator to convince him that suppressing information about artifacts is not the right thing to do as their usefulness to help people outweigh the reason to keep them a secret. The senator agrees with Gil to give him access to the Warehouse in exchange to a hefty donation to his fundraising committee.

As Steve and Claudia continue to search for Brother Adrian, they see Artie but Claudia quickly realizes that it’s Brother Adrian using Harriet Tubman’s thimble to look like them. Brother Adrian pulls out a gun, shoots and runs off. Claudia calls Artie to warn him. As he turns, he sees his double and follows himself. Brother Adrian removes the thimble and is himself again.

Pete tries to convince Deb that her hunches are all wrong when Kosan arrives to talk to him. He tells him that a senator that had no idea about the Warehouse called the White House about it wanting access. Mrs. Frederic is on her way to Washington to fix the mess and if that doesn’t work, their next plan of action is “messy and borders on treason” but there is an alternative proposal: show Deb the Warehouse in hopes she’ll keep the knowledge sacred.

He gives Deb a tour and she is impressed with the possibilities of what the artifacts can do. Pete tries to warn her that the artifacts do have a downside but she is insistent of the good the artifacts can do. Pete shows her specific artifacts and gives her examples how although the effects may be a good thing, the consequences are evil. He then asks if her boss will do the right thing and is she willing to take the risk the artifacts can pose on the world if he doesn’t.

In Minneapolis, Myka hears painful yelling in the R&D lab and sees one of the scientists stretching. She sees the entire contents of the restaurant on the counters and is told the victim touched them all. Myka tries to narrow the possibilities and touches everything the scientist stretching last touched. She finds a marble bowl and neutralizes it which causes the scientists to revert back to his original size. Myka then takes off before anyone can stop her.

Artie questions Adrian who tells him that they will continue to use the stolen artifacts until the day he decides to restore the original timeline. Artie tells him that Adrian will be dead if the original timeline is restored but the Brother is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of eradicating evil. Brother Adrian warns Artie that he will continue to dismantle his life, erasing every good deed he ever did and isolating him from the ones he cares about if he doesn’t comply.

Meanwhile, Claudia and Steve find the Threshold behind a barricade that is booby trapped. Artie realizes that it’s a trap and tries to tell them not to continue towards the Threshold but the trip wire goes off and an explosion occurs. While Artie is distracted with warning Claudia and Steve, Brother Adrian gets away.

But Steve an Claudia are much more clever than Artie gives them credit for and when he runs down to the cellar, he sees that they are okay. They tell him they set off the trip wire on purpose and manage to obtain the plank.

Pete obviously got to Deb as she gives her boss false directions which lead him to Storage Space Six, an area filled with toys. She tells him that she is following her dad’s oath of “First do no harm” and keeping the Warehouse secret does just that. Kosan thanks Deb and offers her a job.

At the B&B, Artie thanks Claudia and Steve for helping but still refuses to tell him what is going on with him. As they leave, a knock is heard at the patio door and it is Helena! She tells Artie that she has a few leads on the dagger he wanted her to find. She questions him about the incident with Sykes in the Warehouse and deduced that he went ahead in time and came back. Artie begs her not to tell anyone but Helena tells him that she already shared her suspicions with Mrs. Frederic. She accuses Artie of using Magellan’s astrolabe!

So completes another episode of ‘Warehouse 13′! We’re now into the seventh episode and only have 3 more to go before the show goes on hiatus until next year. The walls are closing in on Artie and everyone is beginning to put pieces of the puzzle together. Will Artie cave and confess? Will Claudia and Steve find a way to remove his dependence on the metronome? Or will everything go up in chaos as Artie dreamt? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see next week!

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