We’re getting closer and closer to the Season Three premier of ‘Arrow’ and among the new additions from DC’s roster is Ted ‘The Wildcat’ Grant, a scrappy boxer-turned-costumed crime fighter, who will be played by J.R Ramirez.  At least in the comics.  It’s not clear if he will actually employ his super identity.  But in the comics, it was established that Grant had a big hand in training Batman and Black Canary among others.

Last season, Sara Lance (played by Caity Lotz) arrived in Starling City as The Canary, a variation of DC’s Black Canary.  However, Sara Lance is a character made up for the TV show.  She doesn’t actually exist in the comics.  In the comics, there have been two Black Canaries, Dinah Drake Lance (Lance being her married name) and her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance.  Of course, on ‘Arrow’, they chose to have Laurel go by her middle name and she has been played by Katie Cassidy since the series began.  Now, with Sara having departed, it sounds as if Laurel, who figured out both her sister’s secret and that of Ollie, will seek to take over the Canary identity, which would be in keeping with the comic book continuity.

Wildcat was a teammate of the first Black Canary in the Justice Society of America during the 1940s and the men of the JSA sort of took Dinah Laurel under their wings as surrogate uncles, but the bond between Grant and Laurel seemed to be the strongest.

And there are other possibilities.  Whereas Ollie spent all that time on “The Island” and apparently in Hong Kong, training to become the hero he is today, Roy Harper (Colton Haynes), who will become Arsenal this season, has had little training.  Will he be hitting up the Wildcat Gym?

In addition to Grant’s introduction, producer Marc Guggenheim reveled that we’d be seeing even more of the classic comic Green Arrow’s trick arrows.  Season Two saw him adopt a variety of non-lethal arrows, after the darker Season One, wherein Ollie was known as The Vigilante and utilized lethal methods to take down criminals.

Hmmm… Ted Grant is a boxer.  Could we see the introduction of the famous Boxing Glove Arrow, either from Roy or Ollie inspired by him?

But at any rate, here’s a glimpse of Wildcat’s gym:

It certainly has the gritty look to fit right into the world of ‘Arrow’.

What do you think?  Do you think Laurel will make a great crime fighter?  Would you like to see Ted Grant adopt his super identity?

Source: Movie Pilot