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When Martin Freeman was tapped to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ film, fans began to immediately wonder who exactly the veteran actor would be playing. Well, the original writer of Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ comic, Mark Millar, apparently is in the know on this one, but clearly he has been sworn to secrecy, which is the norm for all things MCU related. However, he did lay out some hints during a recent interview with Radio Times, the juiciest bits you can read here:

“The character is not a super-person, it’s somebody who’s… well, I don’t want to spoil it for anybody but he’s not going to be in costume…Once you get to see it, it’s so obvious. All I’ll say is, he’s not [Captain America villain] the Red Skull.”

 As Millar states that the character he will be playing seems “obvious,” it stands to reason that whoever Freeman ends up playing with probably be in his wheelhouse, someone with a potential comedic bent, a bit of a fish out of water character, that can also get down to business when necessary, similar to Freeman’s Watson in ‘Sherlock,’ or Bilbo in ‘The Hobbit.’ The news that he’s not a “super-person” is a bit disappointing, as there were any number of ideas of villains or heroes Freeman could be playing, the most popular being that he would portray Spider-Man nemesis Norman Osborne, who played a huge role in the ‘Civil War’ comic and is now a possibility in the movie due to Spidey joining the MCU.

Now the most prevalent theories are that Freeman will be playing either Henry Gyrich, a stubborn US government agent who proves especially difficult for the Avengers to deal with during the ‘Civil War’ time period in the comics, or another government agent named Everett Ross, who is a bit more charismatic than Gyrich but who’s story really ties into more of the ‘Black Panther’ movie and story. If Freeman does end up playing Everett Ross, his role in ‘Civil War’ might just be a brief cameo to set him up for more screen time during the ‘Black Panther’ movie.

What are your thoughts on who Freeman might be portraying in the MCU? Are you disappointed he won’t be playing a super-powered character? Share your opinions below!

Source: Cinemablend