Joining in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ‘Star Trek’ which was officially marked on September 8th, the new addition to the franchise, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ decided to release new information about the series tying it back to the Original Series, news of which was brought to us by showrunner Bryan Fuller.

Fuller tweeted on Thursday night:

For those unaware of what exactly that means, the episode ‘Balance of Terror’ from the original series was when the Romulan Empire was first introduced to ‘Star Trek‘ fans, becoming a major species/culture for the stars of the show to contend with.

We already knew that ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ was going to take place about a decade before the Original Series, but based on this hint it seems that the Romulans might have a large part to play in the new series and that perhaps the new series will help set-up events that we will “later” see during the Original Series. It is anyone’s guess at this point, but I know I am not alone in appreciating getting hints from the showrunner about what we can expect from the new series, as we are all very excited about the potential for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ (despite the outright foolish decision by CBS to limit the show to their CBS All-Access App, which I am sure will drive away many audience members who would otherwise love a new ‘Star Trek’ show).

Let us know your thoughts/ potential theories on what Fuller may have been hinting at in the comments below!

Source: Trek News

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