Just like in ‘Death of Wolverine’ #1, I feel that the author Charles Soule is ignoring the majority of the most recent run of the ‘Wolverine’ series. Also, just like in the first issue, I feel that this is a major selling point for fans of the character who want to see him go out in style. Clearly I’m still enjoying this run that will finish off one of Marvel’s most popular characters (for now), but I have to wonder if I’m enjoying it because it’s well written, because it’s better than the recent ‘Wolverine’ run, or because I really am just sick of Wolverine?

In the first issue we found out that Viper had put out a hit on Wolverine to collect him alive, so in this latest issue, Wolverine takes his self appointed mission to Madripoor to deal with her and find out who is after him. He wants to know why she of all people wants him captured and alive. This isn’t a direct continuation of the previous issue as there is clearly a quick flash forward but it is still fluid for story telling purposes. While we’re still getting a Wolverine who is doing things as a loner, we thankfully don’t see him acting fully alone as he pulls in a couple of favors as the issue goes on. Not perfect, but at least he’s somewhat relying on others.

We don’t just see heroes here as we also see villains. Quite a few of them in fact! Viper, Sabertooth, and more. The Sabertooth we see seems out of character from the recent ‘Wolverine’ and ‘X-Men’ runs, but his look is how I’ve wanted to see Creed visually. It is another instance of my continuity complaint, but his savage style out-shadowed his recent capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. instead of how he is claimed that he was “pinched” here as if Logan had no idea.

Speaking of how Creed looked, Steve McNiven was spot on with his art throughout the entire issue. From the view through an Iron Man helmet to a fight scene to everything about Madripoor and Viper’s quarters, it all just felt right and McNiven does an outstanding job here. In fact, the splash scene fight between Creed and Logan is also perfect as it shows how they usually go at it but with Wolverine no longer having his healing factor he can’t just rage out in his classic berserker fighting style.

From the art to the writing, this is a great build up of not just Wolverine but the history that surrounds the character. If you are familiar with his lengthy past, are some great subtle references and if you aren’t, it is still a story that I believe you can enjoy.

Once again I’m loving this ‘Death of Wolverine’ series! My complaint would be that this series seems to be ignoring parts of the recent ‘Wolverine’ ones. When things fall out of continuity so short after it has been released, it is a little jarring. But with how much I disliked it, and from what I can tell many of you agreed, this is an oversight we can all enjoy. Hopefully the next installments continue to give Logan a send off in style. Also the surprise character introduced at the end? It seemed a little too forced in there. Hopefully it is better explained why she shows up next issue.


Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Steve McNiven