This article will have some potential SPOILERS for ‘The Flash’ so if you’d rather stay in the dark, stop reading.

The WB has released a new poster to promote ‘The Flash‘ the upcoming spin-off from ‘Arrow’ starring Grant Gustin as DC’s famous speedster.  The poster, at first glance is nifty.  It shows he title hero running in a zigzag pattern, emulating his famous lightning logo.  But upon closer inspection, there’s more to this than you realize at first.  There are several hidden “Easter Eggs” if you squint and look closer.

1. The most obvious is the Queen Consolidated logo on the skyscraper to the top right.  Obviously, ‘The Flash’ is spinning off from ‘Arrow’ and that show’s lead character Oliver Queen/The Arrow, as well as Felicity Smoak will pop up on the new show.

2. Now lower your eyes a tad and you’ll see the name “Stagg,” a reference to Simon Stagg, a major player in the world of Metamorpho, the shape-shifting “Element Man,” whose name was teased on the last season of ‘Arrow’.  William Sadlet has been cast as Simon Stagg, so it’s just a matter of time…

3. Now lower your eyes a bit and you’ll see S.T.A.R. Labs.  That one’s not that big a surprise since that facility was already established on ‘Arrow’ and is instrumental on ‘The Flash’.

4. If you scroll your eyes down to the left and lower them a bit, you’ll see a building with the name “KORD” on it.  That obviously is a reference to Ted Kord, also known as The Blue Beetle.  He was killed off in the comics, but I think it’s just a matter of time before he returns, especially with the New 52 reboot wiping out the prior history.

5. This may just be speculation, but the tower on the left side MAY be a Wayne Enterprises building.  At least some people are saying that, although the likelihood of that proving true is unlikely.  That’s Wayne as in Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman, a character that would presumably be off-limits due to the Fox series ‘Gotham’ which focuses on the early life of that character.

6. If you look across the street from the Stagg building, you’ll see the name “Amertek” on a building.  In the comics, Amertek is the name of the company owned by John Henry Irons, better known as Steel.  In the comics, Steel was one of the replacement Supermen that stepped up after the real deal was killed by Doomsday, but Shaquile O’Neal already played this character in a stand-alone movie that made no reference to the original Man of Steel.  Could ‘The Flash’ duplicate that (er, with a better actor) and include the armor-plated hero in its universe?

7. A minor one, but go back across the street and down and you’ll see a Big Belly Burger franchise.  Like Soder Cola, this is a comic book “running joke.”  Hell, we have Fatburger in real life, so the name isn’t that absurd.

8. Now scroll back across the street and look down and you’ll see the Palmer Technologies logo which has previously been shown on ‘Arrow’.  This is clearly a reference to Ray Palmer, the Justice League member The Atom who can shrink to microscopic size, portrayed by Brandon Routh previously.

9. And finally, at the very bottom on the right, there’s graffiti on the sidewalk that says “Grodd Lives.”  Since the pilot has already been screened and leaked online (and since I said SPOILERS above), Grodd will play a part.  There is a shot of a mangled zoo cage with the name Grodd on a placard, indicating that he was in some way affected by the same energy pulse that gave The Flash his super speed powers.

Now these may just be teases (especially the Wayne one), but what do you think?  Who would you like to see pop up on this show?

Source: Cinema Blend