Last week EW released information about the characters who will be gracing the television screen in this season’s ‘American Horror Story: Asylum.’ Now they’ve release photos online from the set of the show and it looks like they’re not skimping on the gore. Check out the images below!

The photos mainly feature the cast during some behind the scenes moments but what’s really interesting are the ones of a Rasper and the new villain Bloody Face. You may recall the first image of Bloody Face was tweeted by co-creator Ryan Murphy. Now we get to see the personification of the drawing itself and he looks pretty gruesome. Although, someone who wears a mask made out of their victims’ skin already sounds horrific, seeing in brings it to a whole new level.

Lately, FX has been releasing some interesting promotional materials including teasers, character descriptions and TV spots. As we get closer to the premier date, I’m pretty sure the material will be getting juicer. I just hope that they’ll release some clips soon, don’t you?

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ returns to FX on Wednesday, October 17th.

“American Horror Story: Asylum’ Behind the Scenes Images:



Source: EW