Ever since Loki tried to manipulate the Black Widow in ‘The Avengers’, Marvel fans around the world became privy to the extensive red in Natasha Romanoff’s ledger. Despite that, we came to love her all the same as the former KGB assassin has been atoning for her many sins since joining forces with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But what exactly are some of the atrocities to be found in Widow’s checkered past? We now have an idea thanks to an extended clip from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’.

In the Sentinel of Liberty’s most recent big screen adventure, he teamed with one of the most deadly women in the world to take on HYDRA. Part of their plan to take down the evil organization included leaking all their secrets to the public. However, Alexander Pierce points out that it means that Romanoff’s past is accessible as well. So, what exactly is so unfathomable that the Widow is exposing in order to take down the enemy? Robert Redford’s character points out just a few of them in the latest special feature to hit the web from the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of Joe and Anthony Russo’s acclaimed Marvel movie, which you can check out below:

Pierce reveals some heavy backstory tidbits for Natasha in this scene. Just like Budapest, this is likely to keep fans wondering about what exactly this woman did prior to joining switching sides. Maybe Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios could put some of our curiosities to rest by giving us a Black Widow solo movie starring Scarlett Johansson as part of Phase Three that examines the character’s past. Of course, the company’s slate hasn’t been fully revealed yet and this project could be possible, but until we know for sure, what do you think about this revelatory clip from ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’? Would you definitely enjoy a solo Black Widow movie that delves into her past? Let us know in the comments.