When Arnold Schwarzenegger went from the Governator to the Terminator once again, the veteran actor filled up his schedule with action movies like ‘The Expendables’, ‘The Legend of Conan’, and the recently named ‘Terminator: Genisys’. But among these films that are very much in his wheelhouse, there’s one film that stands out. Last year, Schwarzenegger joined ‘Maggie,’ a zombie drama about a midwestern farmer that stays by his daughter’s side as she falls prey to a walking dead epidemic sweeping the nation. Now, we have our first look at the film that will make its world premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Today, we share the first photos from the directorial debut of Henry Hobson, a title sequence designer making the transition to full-length motion pictures. For his first project, he’ll be tackling a Hollywood Blacklist script from 2011 written by John Scott III that examines the part of a zombie movie where a loved on succumbs to the virus and slowly turns. But rather than simply having one scene of this agonizing ordeal, it’s stretched out into a “genre-bending” story that appears to be much more intimate than other living dead tales such as ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘World War Z,, or ‘Warm Bodies.’ This is definitely not your average Schwarzenegger film and you get that feel from the pictures featuring the iconic actor and co-star Abigail Breslin, which you can see below:

Not only does it look like Schwarzenegger will get to stretch his dramatic muscles, but Breslin gets to explore another aspect of this genre as well. Previously, she played Little Rock in ‘Zombieland’, where she would almost certainly would double tap Maggie if she got the chance. But now the tables have turn on the young actress and we’ll get to see her play with the other side of the coin.

What do you think about this first look at ‘Maggie’? Are you excited to see how Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin handle this unique take on the zombie genre? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: Cinemablend