Well, it sounds as if Janet Van Dyne (#JanetVanCrime) has been written out of ‘Ant-Man’ as she was the wife of the first Ant-Man, played by Michael Douglas, who apparently died before the movie takes place.  But could they possibly be substituting another female hero in her place?

Well, in the original comics, the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang (played in the movie by Paul Rudd), turned to crime because his daughter, Cassie, had a deadly heart illness and that was the only way he could acquire the money to save her.  Eventually, Scott Lang turned over a new leaf and became a hero, even taking his namesake’s place as a member of The Avengers.  As for Cassie?  She grew up healthy and eventually took on her father’s size-changing abilities as Stature, one of the Young Avengers.

Director Peyton Reed just spoke about Cassie’s role in the film by saying:

“Thematic arc really is a sort of passing-of-the-torch movie… Rudd’s character is an ex-con, a thief. It’s also got the structure of a heist movie. And there’s also a real personal dynamic to the movie, too. In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie, too.”

Cassie is (I think) dead in the comics, giving her life to resurrect her father.  (Unless that’s been changed since ‘The Children’s Crusade’ storyline.)

Most likely, Cassie will appear as a child in the movie.  But the door is possibly open for her to age, as Marvel has plans to carry on for years.  Could ‘Young Avengers’ eventually gain its own movie?  If so, hopefully, it’ll follow more closely to the original comics.

What do you think?  Are you intrigued by Cassie’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Do you hope to see the other Young Avengers on screen?

Source: The Mary Sue