‘The Flash’ is racing to The CW and will be here sooner than you think.  The show debuts on October 7th, which is just two months away.  There’s a lot riding on this show’s success, as it opens the door to super powers in the DC TV Universe, something that was intentionally absent from its predecessor ‘Arrow‘.  In the pilot episode for ‘The Flash,’ the hero takes on a form of Weather Wizard and Zoom. Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold… as well as potentially Killer Frost and Firestorm are also all slated to appear.

In anticipation, The CW has released a special effects-heavy trailer to advertise the show, which you can check out below:

In addition, Wentworth Miller has reported for duty as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, a classic Flash super villain who, in the comics, recently turned over a new leaf and is serving as a member of the Justice League.  You can check out some pics of Miller in action below.  Unfortunately, he won’t be wearing a parka, it seems, but you can click the images for larger views:

But wait!  There’s even more villain news!

Producers are looking to cast Girder/Tony Woodward.  Now it’s very possible, the character will deviate sharply from the hulking metallic super villain from the comics, in much the same way that Shrapnel (played by Sean Maher) was reinterpreted as just a regular guy who was good with explosives and not a big, jagged metal guy who actually explodes himself.  But since ‘The Flash’ will actually feature super powered beings, we’ll have to wait and see.

And finally, a villain from ‘Arrow’ will be resurfacing in Central City in a super villain team-up.

Robert Knepper will reprise his role of Clock King/William Tockman in an episode of ‘The Flash’ and will reportedly be teaming up with another rogue.  But who?

Producer Andrew Kreisberg would only tease, “We wanted to give Barry a real challenge… TWO bad guys!… [He will be] fighting both a new enemy and one of our scariest and most successful ‘Arrow’ villains in The Clock King.”

What do you think?  Are you excited to see these super villains on ‘The Flash’?  Who would make a good partner for Clock King?  (I’m banking on the time-traveling Zoom, myself.)  Sound off below!

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