I really did not think it was possible to love Ms. Marvel more, but three issues in and I feel like I will be expecting so much more from the rest of the Marvel world.

While the plot may seem the usual humdrum of “misunderstood nerd gets superpowers”– which I’m sure we have all read a few times in other comics — as well as fantasized about more times than we can count– the wealth of the series is in the characters, humor, and theme of identity.

Oh, and the quirky background items, from cereal called “GM-Os!” to the dead cellphone screen reading “LOL NO BATTERY”.

Everything about this series is fascinating, from Kamala’s interactions with two different cultures, and having to live as a teenager with all the rules and regulations that entails, to the background details of her life in New Jersey. And for all it is light, and funny, it does take all of these issues seriously, and it doesn’t shy away from drama, as the last page of the comic will attest.

If you haven’t picked this series up, get on it! If you’re not doing so willingingly, you are on the wrong side of comics. It’s original, beautifully drawn, and touching in all the rights ways. It’s going to very difficult to wait for next week’s issue.




Ms. Marvel #3
Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by Adrian Alphona