Galaxy Quest

While initially scheduled to shoot this year, there are two key reasons on why ‘Galaxy Quest 2‘ hasn’t seen the light of day. One delay, obviously, was from the tragic loss of Alan Rickman and the other was scheduling conflict from other original cast members. Sure, comic book continuations of this ‘Star Trek’ tribute have existed, but actually seeing the entire cast reunite would have been a geek’s dream come true.

Recently, co-star of the film Sam Rockwell sat down with the Nerdist podcast for an interview and the topic came up. Here’s what he had to say:

“They were going to do a sequel on Amazon and we were ready to sign up for, and you know, Alan Rickman passed away and Tim Allen wasn’t available, he has a show, and everybody’s show was all weird. We were going to [do] this sequel on Amazon. It was going to shoot like, right now.”

I suspect that with Rickman’s passing, even if the rest of the cast could have their schedules sync again that this ship may have sailed. It would be hard to imagine a ‘Galaxy Quest’ without Sir Alexander Dane as Dr. Lazarus bringing his dry humor to the table.

While it could still be a decent film without Rickman, I suspect that we won’t be hearing “Never give up, never surrender!” on the big screen again. Feasibly they could still bring back the surviving cast and hand it off into a ‘The Next Generation’ styled follow up though I can’t imagine a cast that could fit into Amazon’s budget and make this kind of an idea actually work.

Are you sad to hear that we were this close to ‘Galaxy Quest 2’ and that it just fell short of happening? Do you think a sequel could have the same impact without Rickman as a cast member? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend