The story of the urban myth of thousands E.T. cartridges buried in the desert has become a documentary to uncover the truth called ‘Atari: Game Over‘ and we’ve got the first trailer to share with you! The documentary tells the story about one of worst video games made of all time.

The story began back in 1983 when it was reported that Atari buried thousands of copies of E.T. back in a desert in New Mexico. This wasn’t related to aliens and Roswell but was due to the game being such a flop they had no other way to dispose of all of the copies. The entire event was so strange that it grew into a myth that didn’t seem real, that is until the landfill was dug up last year. The purpose of the dig was to expose the truth in a documentary on one of the biggest failures in video game history that is largely blamed as one of the key moments in Atari’s downfall.

You can check out the trailer of what the documentary shows below!

With Atari having been the name in video gaming at the time, they weren’t able to keep up with the innovation and quality that had made them a household name. For every hit they put out, there was horrible conversions of licensed titles such as Pac-Man and E.T. as well as tons of horribly undeveloped games.

While E.T. wasn’t solely responsible for the downfall of Atari, it has been touted as the poster child for the equivalent of the Internet Bubble bursting years later. Obviously those days have long passed with the video game industry rivaling that of the movie industry in terms of profits.

‘Atari: Game Over’ will premiere on Xbox Live this fall.

Source: Slash Film