For our Faithful Followers who enjoy delving into the darker territories, you may enjoy yet another “found footage” style installment from the “Paranormal Activity” franchise.

‘Paranormal Activity 5‘ was originally set to creep into your neighborhood theaters in October of 2013, and again on October 24, 2014, but now the fine folks over at Paramount are pushing for an October 2015 release instead. Which, as fans of the franchise will attest, is far better than when Paramount Pictures International teased a 2016 release at CineEurope last month.

Paramount is apparently also fast tracking the 5th film after writers Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark pushed through an intriguing storyboard.  After the less than stellar forth film, Paramount must be pretty sure this one will bring the fans back with a demonic vengeance.

Let’s hope the writers have recently had their own paranormal experience that left them quaking in their collective boots, and they put it down in screenplay format. Otherwise, this may be the last of the franchise for quite some time.

In addition, my deviant and demented disciples, the word on the wire is that Millennium Films and Lionsgate are sharpening the proverbial pencils and are scribing a potentially new paradigm on ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!’ That’s right kids, the man behind the mask of human skin is about to kick down your door and strike fear into your black little hearts once again!

The scuttlebutt is that this may be a prequel to the franchises efforts thus far, meaning we may have a chance to see how horrors most insidious family came to be. The film would actually be a sequel to the original 1974 cult classic, and prequel to the 2013 3D film directed by John Luessenhop.

Obviously the franchise has been a bit scattered about, and this new take may only serve to confuse the timelines further. However, it’s horror, it’s Leatherface, it’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!” What could possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned my morbid little mavens, when the mailbox gets any new information, we’ll bring you the gory details!

Source: Collider