SPOILER WARNING! This article discusses the events of the Season 9 finale and what to expect in Season 10 of ‘Supernatural.’ 

Things looked pretty bad in the last episode of ‘Supernatural’, as Dean (Jensen Ackles) became a demon.  The cast and producers appeared at Comic-Con to give fans some insight as to where the veteran CW show will be heading in its 10th season, in particular the third episode of the season, which Ackles is directing and will apparently be the first time the two Winchester brothers will meet this season.  (There was strangely very little said about the two episodes before this one.)

Show creator and executive producer Jeremy Carver discussed Dean’s transformation, by saying:

“It has an enormous effect on the season and on the brothers… Myself and the other writers are excited most of all that the idea of these brothers questioning who the real monster is.  It’s great and it’s exciting and emotional and fun.”

Dean himself, Ackles discussed his character’s change by saying:

“This is actually Dean’s soul that is twisted. It was interesting trying to make it a different character but at the same time, be the same character — but twisted and demonic.”

Also last season, Castiel started to cope with his lost divinity.  Cas actor Misha Collins revealed that his character would spend the opening episodes “concerned about trying to help Dean get patched up again more so than he is about getting his own powers back.”

Another milestone that fans have to look forward to is the 200th episode of the series,. As we previously reported, it is going to be a musical.  Or at least “musical-ish.”  Carver described it as “a love letter to the fans… It’s wonderful to thank you guys on screen.”

But fans can get a preview in the season premiere which features Demon Dean doing karaoke.  Also, look forward to Crowley getting an expanded role this season as well as the inclusion of more female characters, some new, some returning.

What else would you like to see on ‘Supernatural’ this season?

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