Warner Brothers had staked a claim on the weekend of July 27, 2018, for an unannounced animated film and now the studio has declared that the date will go to a film version of ‘Teen Titans GO!’ the hit series that currently airs on Cartoon Network.  This is a surprising move, in that there has been no announcement that they were even developing this movie.  It’s also a risky move.  Just this weekend, a film version of ‘LEGO Ninjago’ had a weak opening, partially due to the fact that it is already an existing show that people can watch anytime they want for free.  The first ‘Teen Titans’ series began way back in 2003, long enough ago for the kids that initially watched it to have grown up.  Between that and the current ‘TT Go!’, there’s no shortage of Titans shenanigans readily available without shelling out the cost of movie tickets.

On top of all that, the July release date is right in the thick of the heated summer movie season and despite its comic book pedigree, ‘Teen Titans GO!’ doesn’t actually appeal to most adult fans.  So this, unlike most Dreamworks/Illumination/Pixar/Disney animated films, will most likely not bring in older audiences.  This is what is referred to as a “hand holder” movie, one that will only appeal to little kids, with the only adults buying tickets being their parents.

Presumably, production is already underway, as the film is due in theaters in less than a year.  Warner Brothers doesn’t normally crank out low-quality animated projects, so hopefully they have simply had this in the pipeline for quite a while and have simply not announced it.  The other option is that it’s a rush job, which isn’t good for either the fans or the studio.

The first ‘Teen Titans’ series consisted of 30-minute episodes with both self-contained exploits and more complex overreaching story arcs.  ‘Teen Titans GO!’ on the other hand, is made up of brief ten-minute gags.  It’s unclear how that format can be expanded into a 90-minute film without making a huge adjustment– another factor that could turn off their current fanbase.

At any rate, next year is a big year for the teen team.  In addition to this announced film, a live action ‘Titans’ series is expected to debut on WB’s new premium streaming service along with ‘Young Justice’ Season 3, which despite its name, is basically another version of the Titans.  In addition to that, a ‘Nightwing’ movie, showcasing the group’s main character/leader Dick Grayson is chugging along, with a script from Bill Dubuque and Chris McKay attached to direct.  ‘Nightwing’ probably won’t be out next year, but expect for updates from the project as it progresses.

Will you be headed to the multiplex for a lengthier version of ‘Teen Titans GO!’?