For those of you who enjoyed the freshman series of NetFlix original supernatural thriller, ‘Hemlock Grove’, it’s back with a vengeance and ready to be tasted. Here’s a refresher course on what happened in season 1:

No time to binge watch season 2 or just too chicken? No worries gentle viewers, I’ll spoon feed you this one.

Episode 201 – “Blood Pressure” 

Middle of the night, the streets are deserted, all save for one. Inside a home, a little boy uses the bathroom and hurries back to his bed. Its freezing out. A strange figure moves about the boys darkened house, not disturbing anyone from their dreams, while wearing a white mask (creepy as hell). He blows the pilot light out on the stove, turns on all of the gas knobs, then leave the house. What did he leave behind? A burning candle in the middle of the kitchen.  And THAT’S how you introduce a new big bad into a series. Well done H.G., well done. Meanwhile, Peter (Landon Liboiron) having some Gypsy fun, at a funeral no less (those people really know how to get down!), when the police break up their party. They take Peter’s mother, Linda (Lily Taylor), into custody along with a few other of Peter’s relatives. While all of this is happening, his clairvoyant cousin, Destiny (Kaniehtiio Horn), is getting it on in the kitchen with a new man slam, Andreas (Luke Camilleri). Once they realize what’s going on, Destiny gets moving on a plan to get Linda out of jail. The plan, of course is to go back to Hemlock Grove and beg Roman (Bill Skarsgard) to loan them the money. Unfortunately for Peter, this is a sticky situation granted he left Roman high and dry in his moment of need when his cousin (and baby mama), Letha (Penelope Mitchell), died while giving birth. Roman on the other hand has problems of his own. He’s now running the Godfrey Institute and is looking for answers in all the wrong places. He’s trying to control his blood lust by eating leaches that have been feeding off of someone for awhile so they’re huge and juicy (double ick), but nothing seems to be working. Here we find out that his thought-to-be-dead-as-a-doornail mother, Olivia (Famke Janssen), is alive and kicking thanks to the superpowers of Dr. Pryce (Joel de la Fuente). She’s been fitted with a new tongue and ditched her traditional white attire for all the colors of the demented rainbow. What’s weird about this is that EVERYONE seems to know Olivia is alive and recovering, its no surprise or shock to anyone, they wasted no time in dropping that bomb which as a viewer, rocks. Once Peter is turned down by Roman, he makes a phony drug deal with shady side characters (not important now, but stay tuned) by giving them a taste and then turning into his wolf form right in front of them. The crazy dopers think its the effects of the drugs and give him the money he needs to hire a lawyer to help Linda. What Peter doesn’t seem to grasp however, is that turning on the wrong moon can have serious repercussions. We end this episode with Roman going through a serious of security coded doors, all guarded by an ancient servant (seriously man, get some new help) and we find – HIS BABY DAUGHTER IS STILL ALIVE!! And has the most unnaturally blue eyes one has ever seen.

Gross out factor: 4 out of 10 – The wolf transformation is pretty bad ass but still pretty gross to watch. Eating leaches, gross. Tongue stitches, gross. Family dying in their sleep, creepy and gross.

Episode 202 – “Gone Sis”

Bad boy Roman is at it again, when we happen upon him in a seedy motel. He’s trying to get his rocks off with a prostitute in a electric blue wig, whom apparently likes it very rough, but its not doing it anymore for Roman. In comes the pimp trying to work out a deal, when Roman attacks him via ripping his throat out. And that’s all just in the first few minutes. Along comes Miranda (Madeline Brewer), minding her own business when all of a sudden she’s hit by another car and forced to seek refuge. She comes along Romans dwelling (lucky girl) and in an uncharacteristically nice move, Roman offers to help her. The next day, Peter is trying to make bail for Linda but cant afford it, so he goes to work at his car garage. Low and behold in a stroke of fate, Miranda’s car is brought in from Roman’s place, and her and Peter share a charged meeting. She plays poor puppy and he plays knight in chop-shop armor. While awkward romance is budding, Roman purchases a horse because, why the hell not. Back at Godfrey headquarters, Olivia urges Roman to stop prying at money going into projects he doesn’t know about or understand, but the look on Roman’s face when she leaves is anything but determination to uncover the truth. That night, Peter starts to have freaky dreams about the men in white masks and turns to Destiny for help. She works her little bathtub voodoo and has premonitions of some seriously evil sh*t. Peter has to revive her (while black ooze is coming out of her mouth, that’s real love right there) and she urges him to drop whatever this thing is. Peter cant let it go and starts sketching images from his dream. Andreas recognizes one of the writings, ‘Gone Sis’ to actually be ‘Wagon Oasis’, a trailer park for trucks and the like. Peter sets off for this magical place, and while he’s en-route, a homeless man finds the creepy white mask guys in the woods being up to no good. They kill him (shocker) upon Peters arrival. ‘Roman shows runaway Mandy the horse, she’s not impressed with his advances. Norman (Dougray Scott) goes to Dr. Pryce and informs him they’ll be suing them for answers in regards to Letha’s death, unaware that her baby still lives in Castle Godfrey. We end on Roman eating his horse. EATING IT.

Gross out factor: 3 out of 10 – The horse being eating is sad and disturbing, gross. Going for the pimps jugular is actually kind of funny, but gross. The bum being killed via strangulation and lots oh blood, pretty damn gross.

Episode 203 – “Luna Ray”

SHELLY’S BACK! And being played by an entirely new actress with completely new makeup! It can be understood now that H.G. is getting bigger traction there’s more in the budget for makeup and CGI (and you can totally tell, this season visually outdoes last years by a long shot) but the re-vamping of Shelly? Kind of throws you at first but you get used to Shelly 2.0 (Madeleine Martin) in no time. She’s running through the woods being chased by thought to be dead (what is with all of these dead people not staying dead!? Its so hard to keep track), by Christina in her wolf form. She was the big bad in Season 1 for those of you that don’t remember. She’s risen from the grave and out to get Shelly 2.0. Back in the trailer park, Peter is searching for any kind of connection or clue to his dreams. Coming up empty handed, he starts to head back but not before bumping into Roman on the street. Stalk much? They’r both having the same dream about the masked killers, but Roman isn’t willing to play Nancy Drew with Peter. Bromance OFF. The next day, Christina and Shelly 2.0 have their final showdown, and Shelly literally rips Christina’s wolf head off, and splits her jaw in two. Ding dong the b*tch is dead. Back at Godfrey towers, Roman cant concentrate because he has blood blood blood on his mind. And tracking down Dr. Pryce and his annoying almost dominatrix like new assistant doctor, Dr. Galina Zhelezhnova- Burdukovskaya (Shauna MacDonald). Say that seven times fast. Meanwhile  knight in chop-shop armor Peter, picks up Miranda to go look for a new part her car needs. Shelly 2.0 finds refuge in an abandoned crack house, and makes a new friend. Marie pays a visit to Olivia in an attempt to forgive and forget, but Olivia ain’t having it. They have a mini cat fight, one that has been long over due. The drug dealers from Ep. 201 are back and their boss is mad as hell because they’ve been taken advantage of. He tells them to go get the money, or else they’ll be gutted like pigs. Literally, he even guts a pig in front of them to bring the message home. Subtle. Back at gypsy house, Peter and Miranda get-it-on, and Peter has another weird dream. He goes to Roman’s place, hoping he’ll reconsider helping him figure out what this all means,but Roman is sticking to his guns. We find out who the next white mask victims will be and that the new sheriff is plotting against any and all he thinks had a hand in his sisters death, Dr. Clementine Chasseur, died at the hands (or mouth I should say of Olivia in Season 1). We end this episode on Norman and Olivia rekindling their romance. Post-coital, Olivia excuses herself to the bathroom where we see Marie dead in the bathtub. 

Gross out factor: 2 out of 10. Pig being slaughtered, pretty gross. Christina being torn apart by Shelly 2.0, really gross but also very rad.

Episode 204 – “Bodily Fluids” 

Boy meets girl. Boy wants girl. Girl goes into the woods to pee. Girl finds dead body. Talk about a bad first date. A random horny teen couple are out in the middle of the woods, where horny girl teen finds the human remains of Christina scattered all over the place. Back at H.G. there is more confrontation with Norman and Dr. Pryce on what happened to his daughter. Miranda comes back from her one night stand with Peter, and things are more than tense with Roman.  Peter gets caught by the drug dealers he played and in order to defend himself, he morphs slightly into his wolf form, a big no-no. Meanwhile, Olivia is visited by filler-sheriff (Demore Barnes) about the disappearance of Marie (aka dead in the bathtub). Olivia mentions they had a fight but that was all, with this filler-sheriff leaves. Peter is continuing his quest to find the new victims and is convinced he’ll make it in time to save the day. In the nick of time he rescues a little boy from being hit by a van driven by the white mask killers and warns the mother to leave town, their lives are in danger. Annoying and cliched stupid mom is confused and scared and undoubtedly wont follow Peter’s advice to get the f*ck outta dodge. White mask killers get away, but at least Peter saved a few lives! Miranda goes about town to get some air and randomly starts to lactate in front of a complete stranger. AWKWARD. She goes back to Castle Godfrey and searches for what might be causing this weird milk inducing occurrence. Could it be behind the key pad locked doors? I THINK IT COULD!! While she’s playing detective, Roman has another slip and eats a homeless man. The bum community tries to help their fellow brother, but when Roman throws a bunch of cash into the air, seems no one really cares that he just ate someone.  Peter is thrown in jail and has another weird ass dreams and he’s eyes go all crazy. Roman returns home after his homeless feast, to find Miranda, breast feeding his daughter in her padded room.

Gross out factor: 4 out of 10. Homeless man bleeding to death, pretty gross. Miranda breastfeeding a kid that isn’t hers, really gross. Finding dead human bits with maggots and rot in-bedded in them, very gross.

Episode 205 – “Hemlock Diego’s Policy Players Dream Book” 

Miranda and Roman play house after the realization that Miranda can feed Roman’s baby girl. That doesn’t keep him from ripping out her jugular out while she’s making her morning coffee. PSYCH! Roman’s blood lust fantasies are getting pretty intense and he’s fighting his urges more now than ever. He decides to take Miranda to the doctor to see what’s up with her freakish and random lactation. While at the doc’s office, he tells Miranda that this can happen from time to time and not to worry, just take these pills and all will be well. Peter, still in jail, speaks with the forgettable sheriff about why he should be released, otherwise more people are going to die and they wont be able to stop it. Once Peter is released, he meets with Linda’s lawyer whom basically tells him she’s got a shot in hell of being released any time soon. Back at Godfrey towers, Roman is finally let in on the big secret of what Dr. Pryce has been hiding from him. A genetically engineered human girl and a big bucket of blood goo which apparently does a body good, in Roman’s case anyway. In a not so distant town, Peter and Destiny visit Linda in jail, now sporting a black eye, whom mentions she’s going to be transferred to another jail soon. Peter and the gang decide they have a better idea, and drug the two cops that are driving Linda to her new jail-bird-home. They freak out and ditch the truck, while Peter and co. free Linda and put her on a plane outta town. Way to go team! Later that night, Olivia decides to put her red dress on and goes out alone for some good ol’ fashioned Karaoke. Odd but I guess we all need a little ‘me’ time. While she’s singing her heart out, Norman looks into his ex-wife’s disappearance with a private investigator, all things coming up Olivia. Back at Castle Roman, Miranda feeds the little miss and then decides its a good idea to make sweet sweet love to Roman. Smart move, lady. After their tryst, Roman has more crazy blood visions and decides to seek the help of Dr. Pryce and ‘rid’ him of his dragon DNA. In more sad news, the mother and son that Peter saved from the white masked killers find them, and finish what they started by drowning the little boy in the bathtub and then threw her out of a 10 story high window. All of these deaths appear to be murder suicides or accidents, and Peter isn’t going to rest until these big bad’s are brought to justice.

Gross out factor: 5 out of 10 – Blood fantasy about ripping Miranda’s throat out while she gushes blood everywhere, gross. Roman eating left over body parts in gooey blood vat, grrroooooosssssss. Spiders crawling out of and all of cops faces while under a drug hallucination, very gross.

Episode 206 – “Such Dire Stuff’

We open on Dr. Strangelove beginning ‘treatment’ on Roman to rid him of his blood-lust and dragon nature. Not very pleasant stuff but if it keeps him from killing people, then he’s all for it. Sheriff boring shows up at Peter’s door asking if he knows anything about his missing mother. Its on his list to find her but not top priority, avenging his sister and the crazy white mask killers are the name of the game. Olivia gets a visit from Russian doctor (looks like someone out of an old James Bond movie) spilling the beans about what Roman and Dr. Pryce are up to. No one likes a tattle tail. Olivia confronts them both, getting the brush off, but not before ancient nanny also lets it slip that Miranda has been treating Roman’s baby girl like her own. Again, NO ONE LIKES A TATTLE TAIL. Later we see one of the creepy white mask guys stalking a small boy walking home, he has a giant rottweiler in his car, so its not hard to guess what he’s going to do. BUT instead of releasing the hounds on the poor kid, he kills himself (via calf cutting, weird) and lets the dog roam free. To take things from a more somber mood, nothing raises ones spirit like a gypsy party, which is exactly what Destiny throws at her casa to celebrate Linda’s freedom. Miranda shows up and ends up sleeping with Peter, apparently she cant keep it in her pants. Shelly continues her adorable friendship with the boy next door, both accepting each other for who they are. What Shelly doesn’t know though, is that Uncle Norman has been tracking her down by the signal she’s sending off on her phone. He shows up outside the house but isn’t certain she’s inside so he waits. Shelly is about to make her escape when she hears violence next door, when the little boy arrives home and is beaten with a belt by his father. OH HELL NO!! Shelly 2.0 to the rescue! She bursts down the door (damn girl) and starts giving pops a taste of his own medicine. This wakes the rest of the house and causes Shell 2.0 to defend herself but also accidentally killing all the other members of the family. Whoops. She flees to Uncle Norman’s van and they drive off back to H.G. together. When the cops come upon the grizzly scene, the little boy is playing calmly in the corner with his video game. Once Shelly is back in the care of Dr. Pryce, she’s treated and informed about her new ‘body’ that he’s been working on. Back as Castle de Roman, Miranda decides to take bouncing baby girl to the park for a little sunshine and swing action, Olivia looks on at the happy scene. While she’s out Peter goes to Roman’s to confront him and they get into a fight (side bar the ancient maid and butler are sleeping together while this occurs…nasty). Miranda returns with the baby, now stating her name is Nadia (means hope). Peter gets to meet her for the first time and is overcome with emotion. To cut the tension, Miranda comes to the conclusion that they’re all basically awesome and supernatural and the logical next step is for them to have a three way. Well okay then.

Gross out factor: 2 out of 10 – Nanny and butler sleeping together, gross. Shelly 2.0 killing a kids family, more heroic then gross but still.

Episode 207 – “Lost Generation”


Miranda is having a crazy ass dream about the next white mask killer’s victims (post-three way) but wakes up feeling like a million bucks. The boys on the other hand, awkward stares are the name of their game.  Once Miranda tells them about her dream, they team up to try and figure out where/when/who is about to be murdered. Before they can really sink their teeth into this, Roman is called away to Godfrey tower to see that Shelly 2.0 has returned at long last. Olivia is there too but its a strained reunion at best. Roman doesn’t want their mother anywhere near Shelly, and puts the tower on strict orders to keep her away.  Shelly finally gets to see her new body and is thrilled at the prospect of starting a new and better life. However, she’s nervous that the body she’ll be occupying has a soul and thoughts and feelings. Dr. Pryce reassures her that its just a vessel and not to worry about it. What she doesn’t know, is that the body DID have feelings and emotions, but Dr. Pryce erased them all before he began to transfer Shelly over. Cold blooded. Roman continues with his shock therapy treatment, much to the dislike of his mother. Meanwhile, Norman goes to visit an invialde woman that may have been a child when Olivia killed her whole family and therefore able to identify her/ help him and his lady sidekick figure out if Olivia really did kill his ex-wife. In the most disgusting way ever, the woman does ID Olivia and Norman rushes back to confront her. Later, once Roman and Peter decode Miranda’s dream, they take the trek to the family’s house they think is being targeted. They arrive in the nick of time, as the boy is being attacked by what appear to be locusts. Peter and Roman see two white masks and make a run after them, Peter now in his wolf form (FYI Miranda totally sees). Now terrified by seeing Peter’s transformation, Miranda takes off with baby Nadia.

Gross out factor: 1 out of 10 – Writing the number 3 in sh*t on a wall to ID someone, pretty friggin gross.

Episode 208 – “Unicorn”

Olivia pulls a man in the iron mask in a flash back to her experience with The Order, she was hardcore even then. Back to this century, Shelly undergoes more phases of becoming the new her. She decides she doesn’t want her mother to know that she’s transferring body’s, and that she died instead. Back at the scene of the wolf – white mask show down, the boys try to speak with one that survives their attack, tries to fool them into thinking she was doing the killing against her will, but they quickly find she’s a liar and they end up killing her. They then  take the bodies to tower Godfrey to be ride of and let the sheriff know what they’ve been up to. Once they return back to Roman’s pad, they discover that Miranda split with Nadia and they both flip out. Miranda has found her way to a diner out of town, but runs into the doctor that treated her when she first started her lactation. He urges her to return home with the baby, for their own well being and safety. Olivia takes a spill at Godfrey towers, making her take an MRI as a precaution, where they discover cancer. For real? SHE’S A DRAGON!! She’s upset and takes solace in Russian doc from James Bond, convincing her that she needs to eat Shelly’s new body before the transformation is complete, to survive the cancer. Oh not to mention she also recommends killing Roman while he’s in treatment, then that way she’ll have control over everything again. Nice lady. Norman goes to see Roman, and admits that he is his father, a fact Roman was already aware of and doesn’t care about. Later that day, Shelly meets her new body (it walks and talks now) and bonds with it immediately since it is, in essence, her. Back at Gypsy headquarters, the gang attempts to drown Destiny in the hopes that it will give them another clue as to what the white mask killers are up to next. She sees their layer in a vision but urges them both to get rest before taking them on. While this freakydeeky stuff is happening, the head priest has been shot with a ton of arrows by the white mask killers, as he was attempting to stop them from continuing their mad journey. Boring sheriff finds him still alive but doesn’t save him, just kills him ‘mercifully’ instead once he tells him that Olivia was the one that killed his sister. After they get home and the baby is returned, a haggard Peter decides to take matters into his own hands by leaving a sleeping Roman to go to the white mask layer. Norman, now having discovered the truth, is hell bent on killing Olivia. Peter arrives at the white mask layer, and sees all of their costumes, plans, victims, etc. He attempts to change into wolf form, but the white mask bregade stop him and shoot him with arrows. Olivia goes into the room where Shelly’s new body is being kept, about to eat her, when she opens her eyes and says “mother?”.

Gross out factor: 0 out of 10. Pretty tame episode for the season. That’s about to change.

Episode 209 – “Tintypes” 

Open on Peter being tortured with what looks like a prop taken from one of the ‘Saw’ movies, by the white mask leaders, while he explains how he found them. That morning, Roman goes in for his last treatment with Dr, Pryce. Miranda plays with Nadia, but becomes unnerved when the baby spells out her own name in letter blocks. Norman sends his sidekick packing with ulterior motives; he wants her out of the way so that he can kill Olivia without anyone knowing. His sidekick isn’t as pointless as she seems when she goes to stop him outside of Olivia’s house to stop him from killing her. Plan foiled, Norman! The sheriff shows up, however and decides to help Norman kill Olivia the old fashioned way. Peter continues to be tortured, but shimmy’s his hands (wolf style) out of his restraints and attacks his captors, thus killing them with his torture device. Swoon. He escapes the layer, tries calling Roman, but he’s in his last treatment (also, Russian Doc is trying to slyly kill him at this point, against Olivia’s wishes, but it doesn’t work). He finally answers and and they assemble the gang at Roman’s house. Roman decides he needs to power up and goes ape sh*t on the bloody goo that Dr. Pryce used to feed him. Oh he also eats Russian doc and puts her in the goo grinder. Take that b*tch! Shelly is entering into phase three, truly thrilled to be given the opportunity to start again. She goes to tell her mother one final goodbye, making Olivia realize she wants now more than ever to make up for being the worlds worst mother in the world to her kids. Over at Roman’s Destiny brings another powerful gypsy elder over to try and help cleanse Peter of the Vargulf (aka, bad werewolf). Before he can do this, members of The Order descend upon them with arrows a plenty, turning Roman’s house into a full blown war zone. Miranda and Destiny hide in the locked room with the baby while Peter (in wolf form again) and Roman battle it out. EPIC. One of the members gets through the lock into the babies room, but is killed BY THE BABY with her death stare. Miranda cant believe what she’s witnessing, but confirms that it was in fact baby Nadia that is doing the mind crushing, when she does it AGAIN to another member of The Order when he busts through the window.  All seems well when the members are defeated, and the heroes stand victorious in Nadia’s room. All save for Peter, still in wolf form because now he’s unable to turn back. In an act of friendship, Roman literally pulls Peter’s human form out of his wolf form, breaking his Vargulf streak and setting all right in the world. Sheriff boring has Norman practice stabbing Olivia to death/ in the heart on another dead woman’s body (zero respect) and we end on Olivia crying over her ‘sleeping’ daughters body.

Gross out factor: 7 out of 10 – We got it all in this one: blood vats of goo, decapitation, human Peter being pulled out of wolf Peter, The Order’s dead bodies/the battle, Peter using his own torture device to gain his freedom, skull crushing mind control from a baby. Magic. Pure magic.

Episode 210 – “Demons and the Dogstar”

With The Order now destroyed and the bodies being disposed of, now Roman and Peter can kick back and recoup.  The girls try to clean up the bloody mess at Roman’s but Miranda is having a hard time coping based on what she saw Nadia do. The ancient Nanny mourns over her ancient butler love. Sad but not sad.  In order to calm Miranda down, they drug her OJ and put her to bed. Norman confronts Olivia, whom tells him about her cancer and he just throws it back in her face. He leaves her alive, knowing that her fate now is worse than death. Meanwhile a freaked out Miranda calls the good doctor as she’s freaking out because her nipples are now leaking blood instead of milk. Yeesh. She flees Roman’s with baby Nadia and heads to his office. Shelly undergoes her final stage of becoming the new her, totally at peace and happy. Dr. Pryce gives her medication that will kill her in  25 minutes. Norman shows up and gets the skinny on who Shelly is becoming now, but quickly realizes that her new body is in danger from Olivia. They rush into dead Shelly’s room and revive her with a lot of electricity. Shelly awakes terrified and heartbroken that she’s still in her old body, truly devastating for all. Dr. Pryce finds Olivia, drenched in the blood of Shelly’s would-be new body. Shelly is broken over her body being destroyed, while Norman, Roman and Dr. Pryce try to console her. Norman and Dr. Pryce cant stand to see Shelly so sad and decide to end Olivia once and for all, with a powerful serum that will kill her if its plunged into her heart. Peter goes home to get a little shut eye, but is greeted by the drug lord he pissed off so many episodes ago. Bet you forgot about him, didn’t you? Back at the Good Doctors office, Miranda starts to become more and more anxious when he wont give Nadia back to her and goes on a rant about how she’s the ‘proverbial needle in the DNA haystack”. He then reveals that he was the one that hit her car that night, forcing her to Roman and the baby and into his hands. Olivia happens upon this scene and dukes it out with the Good Doctor, who underneath his human skin has scales like a reptile; Olivia leaves him for dead. Miranda gets the hell out of there, but is stopped by ancient Nanny but Nadia saves the day and kills the old b*tch. Snitches get what they deserve.  Back to a sleeping Peter, the drug lord is pissed and ordering him to strip. Destiny comes in and is held hostage, but her gypsy boyfriend Andreas busts in and shoots the drug lord just as Peter was about to turn into wolf Peter. Well that was anticlimactic. Miranda goes to the Godfrey tower for safety but is spiraling into a psychotic break over the fact that she thinks the baby can kill people with her mind. Peter and Destiny show up to help, but Miranda freaks out even more when Nadia pops the head of an angry monkey with her mind and decides to head for the roof. The entire place goes on lock-down looking for Nadia and Olivia, when the latter runs into Roman in the hallway. The tables are turned when he tries to stab her with the serum, but she instead rips out his heart and shows it to him. The gang finally catches up with Miranda and Nadia on the roof, where she says a tearful goodbye, and jumps off of it with Nadia in tow. As they look on in terror, a winged creature, looking slightly like a dragon at first, swoops Nadia and Miranda up into its claws, flying away into the darkness. At first you’re hoping its Olivia saving the day, but it ends up being the true form of the Good Doctor. Close with the creepy karaoke video of Olivia from a few episodes back. End of season two.

Gross out factor: 7 out of 10 – Hearts being ripped out of chests, gross. Monkeys heads exploding, double gross. Oozy blood goo with new body parts, gross. Pretty Shelly’s mutilated body, sad and gross. Blood nipples, really gross. Scaly skin creature, gross.

So what did you think of this season, viewers?

Personally i thought H.G. did a lot of things right this season:

Right: Better make up, special visual effects and music. Lots more gore. Shirtless Peter. More Destiny.  Battle of The Order. Better acting. Getting rid of Olivia’s horrible accent from S1. Killing Norman. Cool dream effects. Acceptance for Shelly.

Wrong:  Too many big bad’s going on. Weird Olivia karaoke. Blood nipples. Killing kids. Not as much bromance or comedic breaks, heavy tone throughout. Shelly not getting her body. Not enough cocky Roman.

Let us know in the comments section below what you thought about this season of H.G. and if you’ll tune in next time for S3, that is if there is one!