One of the worst things about getting hooked on a TV series is not having storylines tied up when a series gets cancelled. But thanks to the producers of ‘666 Park Avenue,’ the series will get a finale that should satisfy the fans when the last episode airs.

The cancellation of ‘666 Park Avenue’ was met with much surprise. Although the actual live viewership of the series was not that great, the numbers after averaging in DVR stats were pretty good for the show. In fact, the November 4th episode’s rating jumped 77 percent when those DVR numbers were taken into account. This news of the ratings improvement prompted Dave Annable (who plays Henry on the show) to vent on Twitter tweeting that ABC “f-ed up:”

While ABC president Paul Lee called the DVR rating surge “amazing,” he didn’t feel it was enough to retract the show’s pink slip.

Producers David Wilcox and Matt Miller are, however, making sure fans know that they wouldn’t be left hanging when the last episode airs:

“[The show] is building to a powerful and surprising series finale, where all your questions will be answered. We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane and Henry’s incredible journey to the dark side.”

While it’s no fun seeing the end of a series you like, it’s nice to know there will at least be a final ending to it all.

What do you think? Was ABC premature in cancelling the series and are you happy that the fate of the building and tenants of ‘666 Park Avenue’ will be settled?


Source: TVLine