Things look ominous in Season Four of ABC’s fairy tale-based ‘Once Upon A Time.’  It seems that Regina/The Evil Queen will have to join forces with her former enemies, Snow White/Mary Margaret and Emma Swan to stand against Zelena/The Wicked Witch.  (And things don’t look good for Emma!)

But we also get a tease of Elsa from ‘Frozen.’  Georgina Haig has officially been confirmed to be playing the Ice Queen from Hans Christian Anderson’s famous fable who was launched to new heights of popularity after Disney’s adaptation came out last fall. ‘Frozen’ became the highest grossing animated film of all time, with the theme song “Let It Go” sung by ‘Wicked’ actress Idina Menzell winning an Academy Award for Best Song from a motion picture.

Since Disney owns the ABC network, it was simply a matter of synergy for not only Elsa, but her sister Anna and Anna’s love interest Kristoff to transition over to the hour-long drama.  Genre shows are infamously expensive to produce, which is why so many get cancelled despite fair-to-middling ratings.  I’m sure incorporating characters from such a beloved movie will only help ‘Once Upon A Time’ continue telling the stories of the citizens of Storybrooke.

Reportedly, it is actually Georgina Haig as Elsa in this trailer, but it honestly looks exactly like the former footage that featured a “place-holder” actress.  They may have re-filmed the Elsa shots, but I’m not convinced.  Check it out below:

Does the inclusion of the ‘Frozen’ characters make you want to tune in more to the fourth season of ‘Once Upon A Time’?  (Or less?)  Sound off below!

Source: Digital Spy