It may not be “R” Rated, but at least it looks like ‘Venom’ is not afraid to pull any punches, at least according to the latest clip released by Sony. In the clip (which you can check out for yourself below), Venom is confronted by a SWAT team ready to take him down. Even though Eddie Brock (still in human form) is pleading with them to stand down, knowing they do not stand a chance against him despite the fact they are somewhat prepared to deal with a symbiote (which is made clear later by the fact that they brought flash grenades which seem to hurt the symbiote, but not enough to separate it from Eddie. They clearly haven’t gotten the memo about its dislike of sonic waves just yet).

Anyways, Eddie allows the symbiote to take over, and they rampage through the SWAT team in a very cool looking scene covered in smoke and highlighted by the flashing lights of the officer’s vehicles. Venom tears through them rather easily showing just how powerful he is. Neither flash grenades nor bullets seem to affect the symbiote all that much, and Venom looks massive enough to take them all down himself using his strength and size without having to use any of his special abilities.

I appreciate that the scene is relatively violent even though the film is PG-13 though I wonder how much more violent (and potentially bloody) the filmmakers wanted it to be before they were told to stick to that PG-13 rating. It definitely does not look like the SWAT officers are killed in this scene, but then again, they are being attacked by a massive alien who is knocking them around like rag-dolls. I could see some serious injury and potential fatalities for the officers, although I doubt that it would be referenced in a PG-13 version of the movie.

Do you think they will be able to go dark and violent enough in the film with a PG-13 rating? What are your thoughts on the look and size of Venom when seeing him in action? Check out the clip for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!