Sam Raimi just dropped a huge bomb about the ‘Evil Dead’ universe at San Diego Comic-Con. Last year was full of a lot of rumors on where the ‘Evil Dead‘ and ‘Army of Darkness‘ sequels were going and he decided to skip talking about any of that and let us know that he is working on an ‘Evil Dead’ television show. That’s right! It’s time to grab your boomstick ladies and gentlemen! Sam Raimi is working on writing a series with both his brother Ivan and Ash himself, Bruce Campbell.

As the ultimate tease there was no word on the television show past that they were working on writing it. That means we have no idea as to what network they are pitching it at, no idea if Bruce Campbell will be reprising his role of Ash on the show or if Jane Levy is going to show up as Mia, and no word if it will even be tied into the films at all. It could even be a completely new take on the mythos that he created as a young filmmaker. While I’m sure they’ll have to give some kind of an origin for newcomers to the franchise I hope that this doesn’t end up as a full first season of telling the story of how the Necronomicon becomes unleashed upon the Earth this time around.

What I personally would love to see is for them to still continue with the films and use the television series to expand the universe and further tie it all together. I mean it worked for Marvel’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ so why not tie things together here in the same way? On the flip side, if they did continue the existing universe on television it would also make sense to bring back Ash as Bruce is no stranger to an ongoing series. In the past he has starred in ‘Burn Notice’, the ‘Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’ and ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ franchise, as well as ‘The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.’ With a network such as FX, HBO, or AMC a perfect fit for such a project, this could end up being the perfect addition fans have long waited for.

What format do you think the show will take once it gets closer to being released? Do you think it will finally bring us new adventures of Ash or will this be for a whole new cast of accidental heroes saving the world from the Necronomicon? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Bloody-Disgusting