We’ve recently learned from Simon Quarterman that a ‘Westworld‘ character thought dead is about to be returning to the series. While those who are overthinking the series are hoping that Anthony Hopkins’ Robert Ford is actually still alive and had replaced himself for the big send-off with a host, this won’t be that.

It isn’t to say that the idea is out of the realm of possibility but Quarterman was confirming the return of someone else we thought had been likely dead since the first season!

Elsie Hughes, the Delos programmer, played by Shannon Woodward is still among the land of the living. The last time we saw her appear at all was when Bernard who was under Dr. Ford’s control at the time was beating her, we assumed to death but that no longer seems to be the case.

According to Quarterman when asked if Elsie was still alive:

“Oh, she is! … that’s out; I can say that. Elsie is alive. We’re allowed to say that, I think.”

It will prove to be interesting on how she ends up still alive, what state she is in, and what that will mean for Bernard going forward. If she survives the current season as a prisoner or something else, it could even be setting up a plot point for the already renewed third season. While Ford might not be an outright murderer, if he kept her alive there is likely some ulterior motive at work here which we could also see play out.

Are you eager to see Elsie return to ‘Westworld’ in the upcoming season? Will this be the real Elsie still alive or a host that has replaced her? Is there any reason that she wouldn’t out Bernard being a host or murderer at the first opportunity? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly