In the last issue of ‘All-New X-Factor,’ we saw Gambit left behind as X-Factor’s boss found out that the mutant had slept with his wife. While he claims the entire incident was an accident, I really haven’t trusted the CEO of Serval Industries from day one. There is a lot going on with this final issue of the current story arc and not everything is resolved by a long shot.

We see a slew of action on almost every page here and Carmine Di does an amazing job at keeping our eyes glued to each illustration. While I did enjoy the issue I felt that the first few pages felt a little disjointed. On X-Factor’s side we see them back at the base, Quicksilver being sent to go save Georgia’s mother and after they ask he go save Gambit. Conveniently, their transporter is offline. At the same time we flash to Gambit and Momento Mori has stripped the Cajun of his clothes and is torturing him.

That’s right ladies, Gambit is naked almost the rest of this issue. Peter and Carmine I’m sure are saying “You’re welcome”. What is great is that no one else really seems to address the fact that Remy has no clothes on. There are some hilarious ways on keeping him covered up on panel used but not a single person comments on it which is quite hilarious on how it plays out.

At the end of the day the team comes out on top and we are given an extremely duex ex explanation on how Momento Mori is defeated. Also in his defeat we have potentially been robbed of what could have been one of the more interesting villains we’ve been introduced to as of late. Not that we saw a dead body once he actually was beaten. At the end of the day we’re left with the team still intact, Georgia still their responsibility, Snow having shown himself to be quite annoyed with Gambit and willing to let him die, and all of us ready for the next issue.

This is a concept I feel is still an extremely strong one though at one point Momento Mori mentioned that Snow hasn’t let the world know about his team. Which I find to be interesting because I felt the entire point of having X-Factor in house was to use them for additional PR. Once again, I don’t trust Snow and suspect that its only a matter of time before we see what he really is up to.

For a CEO he does seem to have an awful lot of time to watch after his little pet project super hero team instead of managing his multi-billion dollar company.

I think Peter David has put together a really solid group of characters and with Carmine on illustrations, this has the potential to really shine as a series. My problem is that we’re eleven issues in and as we’ve got a team dynamic down I’d like to see a little more of an idea on where this is going.


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Carmine Di