Jeff Pruitt served as the stunt coordinator on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ Along with bringing his impeccable fighting skills to set, he also brought along a video camera.

Recently, Pruitt started a YouTube channel and uploaded a bunch of his own footage from the ‘Buffy’ set. His videos give an interesting look inside the making of the hit TV show. It takes an incredible amount of time and diligence for an effective stunt and it’s fascinating to watch the actors and stunt doubles master the choreography. Frankly, it’s like watching the dancers learn the opening number in ‘A Chorus Line’. But, you know, with more vampires.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes videos from Pruitt’s channel. Take a look!

This footage is from the hellfight scene from one of my favorite episodes, “Anne.”

Here’s some footage from a fight inside Angel’s mansion. You can see the actors learning the choreography and, spoiler alert, it involves trampolines.

Here’s some footage from the famous “Zeppo” episode. Buffy stunt double Sophia Crawford (and Pruitt’s wife) really takes a beating. We also get to see some footage of Xander behind the wheel!

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from what is considered one of the show’s finest episodes, “Hush”, as well as “Doomed”. Oddly enough, for an episode where all the characters are silent, there’s a lot of grunting…

This one features footage from the epic battle from “The Wish” where Cordelia wishes for an alternate reality where Buffy doesn’t come to Sunnydale.

And finally, for a little Buffy versus Faith combat, here’s some slayer-on-slayer action from “This Year’s Girl.”

If you enjoyed these, make sure you check out Pruitt’s YouTube channel for more!

Source: io9