Veteran voice actor Matt Lanter has scored his latest role playing Aquaman the mighty undersea defender in next year’s direct to DVD/BluRay animated movie ‘Justice League: Sword of Atlantis’.  The movie is a follow up to this year’s ‘Justice League: War’ (and indirectly ‘Son of Batman’).

Lanter has voiced many roles on ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ (most notably Anakin Skywalker), ‘Ultimate Spider-Man‘, ‘Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.’ as well as other projects.  He’s also starred in live action roles on ‘90210’ and the recently cancelled CW science fiction drama ‘Star-Crossed’.

While this is a Justice League movie, the movie opens with a young Arthur Curry learning about his mysterious past.  His father, human lighthouse keeper Tom Curry, reveals to him that his mother was Atlanna the Queen of Atlantis.

Supervising producer James Tucker previously created the jovial, enthusiastic version of the character that won over so many fans on the lighter ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ series.  He explains about the movie version:

“We meet him at a low point in his life.  He’s a little bit lost. His father has died and he’s always been an outsider, so the one person who had his back is now gone. When that Atlanteans instigate incidents to escalate a war with the surface world, he doesn’t yet know who he is. As he discovers his true history he’s going to have a lot of choices to make. It’s definitely about him finding his own path.”

Tucker acknowledges that some members of the general public may be skeptical about a movie focused on Aquaman.

“A lot of times with Aquaman people just focus on his powers and their opinion of them as being lame — which I don’t believe — and that’s all they think of him.  Hopefully we’ve made him a person in people’s eyes first. And then the powers and the telepathy with fish and all that can be put in perspective.”

In his current series, Aquaman has shown to be supremely strong, nearly bulletproof and able to leap great distances… all perfectly normal abilities for someone who can swim at super speed and survive the depths of the ocean.  Oh and he can communicate with undersea life.

Character designer Phil Bourassa, who also designed he characters for ‘Justice League: War,’ designed the new characters in this movie.  Tucker describes Aquaman’s design as “He’s got a little bit of a surfer dude quality in that his hair’s a little unruly. but he’s got the stature and nobility that people expect from Aquaman.”

Expect more reveals at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Are you excited about this movie?

Source: TV Guide