We haven’t been hearing much lately on ‘Locke & Key‘ after word it was being delayed, but thankfully we did just find out that a writer has been picked up to pen the script and that writer is Albert Torres (‘Henry Poole Is Here’). The comic by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez has a huge fan following and there are high hopes it will be a huge hit when shown on the big screen. I’m sure it helps that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are on board to produce.

No word if the series is still set to be a trilogy but one would assume so. The story was told in three acts in the comics and it would make sense to base each of the films off of an act. Also it is unclear what kind of a deal was worked out with FOX so that Universal could move forward with the film.

The comic is about three siblings who inherit their father’s home in Maine after he is quite horribly murdered. They soon discover that whoever lives in the house has access to magical keys that give those who hold them amazing powers and abilities. Only the keys have a dark past as they were forged in ancient times by the remains of demons who end up as a metal similar to iron when passing into our world from their own. While that is pretty amazing to begin with, they soon discover that something else wants the keys as well. An an ancient demon has the keys in his sights as a way to pass through the portal without becoming a lump of iron itself as all previous demons who passed through a portal into our world have become.

Are you happy to hear about movement on ‘Locke & Key’? Are you hoping to finally see the three siblings end up on the big screen fighting demons? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter