Michael Shannon may be in a little bit of trouble with Warner Bros and DC these days, as his media appearances might be giving away secrets for the upcoming release of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ that the studio is not yet ready for the public to know. After a recent interview wherein he spoke about having flippers on his hands while on the set of ‘Batman V Superman’ and being trapped in a porta-potty because of said flippers, fans speculated that the “flippers” were part of a motion-capture suit he was wearing so he could play the villain Doomsday. Whether or not that particular rumor is true, it seems it struck a nerve somewhere. Now it seems like he was given a talking to by some studio execs, as he has come out with a whole new story now, one that does not quite add up.

First, in regards to his presence in the trailer and likely appearance in the movie, he had the following to say.

“I wasn’t there…It’s a really awkward situation—I’m in the trailer for a movie that I didn’t work on.”

Uh sure Michael. That sounds likely.

I am not really buying that they would take the time to show his face in a 2 minute trailer for a highly anticipated film when he is not actually in the movie. He then backtracks farther by talking about Kryptonian ghosts, insinuating that is how he will be featured in the film (mind you, this is right after the above statement where he said he was not in the film).

“The thing about the whole Krypton universe, apparently, is that even when you destroy them, there are ghosts…The first [film], Jor-El is there even though he’s been dead for lord knows how long.”

When asked about the flipper story, a baffled Shannon then went into another explanation that definitely sounds like something he and his publicist hashed out to cover his earlier gaffe.

“Somebody was asking me about this in New York and I made up some ridiculous bullshit answer about how my character Zod has flippers, and this went viral on the Internet or something and people have been asking me about that…That is so obviously a complete bullshit story, right? But people took it seriously.”

And finally, his last statement makes it seems even more likely that he will be playing Doomsday in the film, as it appears he got his own characters confused, saying “Doomsday” instead of “Zod” when referencing the flipper hands and a potential role for him in part 3.

“Maybe they should add it, I don’t know! Maybe in Part 3, Doomsday will have flipper hands. I mean, look—nothing would make me happier than to work with Zack [Snyder] again, he’s hysterical and he’s a lot of fun to work with.”

What are your thoughts on Shannon’s statements? Is he honestly not in this film? Or is he a terrible liar? Let us know your opinion below!

Source: The Daily Beast