With Lucy Griffiths as Liv Aberdine having left NBC’s ‘Constantine‘ after the pilot episode, it didn’t take long for the show to cast a new female lead . Angelica Celaya (‘Cowboys and Vampires’,’Gabriel’) will be joining the cast as Zed who Executive producer Daniel Cerone describes as a character with “an interesting dark past.”

So how will the interaction play out on screen? It should prove entertaining as “Zed is intuitive, she can detect bulls*** and Constantine is a “bulls*** artist.” That sounds like a lot of snark is going to be happening as these two characters interact on the small screen. Zed’s appearance isn’t a full surprise as the network had previously announced that this character, who has appeared in the comics for both ‘Hellblazer’ and ‘Constantine,’ would make an appearance early on.

According to executive producer David S. Goyer, they can run with the pilot and not have to worry about a character leaving the show as “characters drop around him like flies” and having the character leave the show seemed “kind of consistent with the character.” That doesn’t say if we’ll hear about Liz dying or just leaving.

In fact he expanded on his thoughts of Zed as “She’s someone who can go toe-to-toe with John [Constantine], and that’s ultimately something we felt like we needed. We wanted a more dynamic relationship, as opposed to someone who is a teacher/mentor and a student. It just didn’t feel as fertile and rich of an area as just a strong a man and a strong woman who are both very different.”

Goyer is apparently a huge fan of Constantine and thinks of him as “one of the great characters of modern literature”. He is so hyped on the character that Goyer believes that “He is the best the comic book world has written and drawn. For me, having worked on Batman and Superman, that was the guy.” While I personally wouldn’t quite go that far the character is a lot of fun and if they do it right could be highly entertaining to watch. For those of you who don’t believe in Goyer’s hype back when he was 16 years old he wrote in about the character to the editor of ‘Swamp Thing’ where he first saw him appear. He really is a fan and we all know how directors can be about their passion projects. This could be amazing.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of ‘Constantine’ on NBC? Do you plan on checking the show out?

‘Constantine’ will air at 10 pm eastern on NBC beginning on Oct. 24.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter