In ‘Wolverine’ #9, Logan had 3 months to die and now in the latest issue he’s down to two months! Of course that is two actual months as we’ve pretty much skipped forward a day from the previous issue. Logan needed to come to terms with the fact that he can die and is afraid of death and now that he is, we can move back to the meat and potatoes of the plot – stopping Sabertooth. It doesn’t really matter at this point if Wolverine wants to stop his arch enemy for revenge, or if it’s for being angry about the lesson Creed recently taught him, or because he’s trying to become a God, or just because he’s evil. The fact of the matter is, this final countdown to Logan’s death is that he needs to stop Victor Creed once and for all.

I just wonder if they’ll actually give him the peace of mind of ending Sabertooth before he kicks the bucket or will deny the most overused character in Marvel the one kill he truly deserves to commit. Well, kill again at least as Wolverine did send Creed to Hell once.

Again I am so happy that the art in the book has improved and am quite thankful for Pete Woods on that happening. More importantly, Paul Cornell has once again brought in some of Logan’s known allies. I’m not sure if he intentionally wrote Wolverine to be boring without backup characters that we know or it just has felt that way, but I was quite happy to see that he heads over to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning to get some help. Sure Beast instantly helps him out and even suspects what he wanted, but he has to work things out with the rest of the X-Men before they let him back on his merry way.

His mutant friends isn’t the only help he gets as the bar he frequents join in on the fun. His Avengers membership is reestablished, Thor offers to help, and so does S.H.I.E.L.D., since they were the ones to put him on Sabertooth’s trail in the first place. We went from not enough of a supporting cast to honestly far too large of one but it was still better than him working with the B villains he was infiltrating from the beginning of the series.

It looks like whatever Sabertooth has planned is going down in the center of New York. Shocking I know, and that is where our heroes are headed. Only what Sabertooth has planned will quite literally change the world so this might not be the best of plans that they’ve put together so far!

With all of this lead in to Logan’s death, I’ve been rather curious as to where he might end up. Will he end up in Hell as Mephisto seemed to drag him? Will Death herself claim our hero? Could he end up with Xavier in Heaven? Could he somehow end up in whatever represents Valhalla these days? Not many have really put much thought into the fact that just because Wolverine does doesn’t mean his ongoing story is over. Just like ‘Hellboy in Hell,’ we may have adventures of Wolverine in the afterlife ahead of us and those could prove to be some of his most interesting adventures of all. While I haven’t seen an announcement on one, I wonder if this will be a secretive new series being sprung on us though I think that may just be wishful thinking more than anything else.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Pete Woods