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It looks like Darren Lynn Bousman (‘Saw II’, ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’) has found his next project and is set to helm the upcoming science fiction action film ‘Apex’. The movie is an indie sci-fi project from 2511 Productions and is being described as ‘Predator’ meets ‘Call of Duty‘. That sounds like a movie or video game that I could get behind! Joe Di Maio (‘The Last Call’, ‘Kid Cannibis’) and Aaron Ray (‘V/H/S‘, ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’) are set to produce on the film.

The movie will tell the story of a Special Ops team that are set to infiltrate North Korea to recover a weapon of mass destruction. Only they aren’t there long as they are quickly transported to another world! In this other world they are pitted against a dangerous alien race and must fight to survive. No word if the WMD was actually alien in origin or if this was just a coincidence.

The screenplay was written by creator James E. Cavanaugh who wrote this while keeping in mind current science trends in both phsyics and biology. The producers are aiming to have ‘Apex’ as a transmedia property so if it goes well expect to see a lot more of it in other forms down the line and early key art and designs should be featured at this year’s SDCC.

According to Bousman, he sees ‘Apex’ as “a love letter to the sci-fi films I grew up watching with my dad, such as ‘Alien,’ ‘Predator,’ ‘Enemy Mine,’ ‘Tremors.’ But I also want it to have the more modern feel of some of the recent video games I am currently playing, like Halo and Call of Duty.”

So think of it as an 80s action movie with a modern day feel. I can get behind that! As Bousman is quite familiar with working on franchises, having done multiple films in the ‘Saw’ universe, he might just be the man to tap for the job. He followed up his statement by saying, “This can be a balls-to-the-walls action fantasy and it’s franchisable outside of the movie universe. There is a whole world to explore with Apex.”

A science fiction alien action flick that could end up being a franchise? Personally, I love science fiction horror and the thought of this makes me happy if they do it right. I’m looking forward to hearing more as details come out and hope they can make something fun here.

What are your thoughts on ‘Apex’? Have you been missing science fiction mixed with action and probably a tinge of horror? DO you think its a valid idea for an ongoing series of movies? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter