It was already confirmed that Misha Collins/ Castiel would be re-upped as a series regular in the next season of ‘Supernatural’, now it’s been revealed that Mark Sheppard, who has been a recurring supporting character as the demon Crowley in 35 episodes, has also been bumped up to series regular for next season.

Crowley has been a constant presence on the show and has shown signs of sympathy for the good guys.  Considering the finale of this past season, it would seem that Crowley’s role will be considerably beefed up considering… y’know the whole Dean’s black eyes thing.

Sheppard is, of course kind of the genre Kevin Bacon.  In addition to his role as Crowley on ‘Supernatural’ he has also appeared on ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘White Collar,’ ‘Leverage’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica.’

‘Supernatural’ was given an early pick up back in February, so it will be back for a tenth season and should it continue to preform at its current rate, should carry on beyond that.

Are you excited to see more Crowley?