When it comes to the world of ‘The Walking Dead’, you never know which characters are going to bite the big one. The only gauge for who may live or die is who is cast as a series regular instead of just a guest star.

Well now fans of the character Maggie Greene can rest a little bit easier. Blastr just announced that actress Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie on the show, has been bumped up to “regular” status. This isn’t a huge surprise to readers of ‘The Walking Dead’ comic since Maggie sticks around for at least a little while in the Image Comics series.

Of course, being a series regular doesn’t mean that a character can’t be killed off since both Jeffrey DeMunn and Jon Bernthal, who played Dale and Shane respectively, were series regulars until the last couple of episodes of season two. So, take Lauren’s newfound status with a grain of salt (and a little bit of hope) when ‘The Walking Dead’ returns for its third season later this year.

Also reported along with Cohan’s promotion on the show was AMC’s official word that season three of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be the longest season so far with 16 episodes! The show’s executive producer and comic writer Robert Kirkman said of the longer season, “The idea is we will do eight-and-eight. Getting eight-and-eight will almost be like doing two seasons a year, which is cool.”

Definitely cool, Mr. Kirkman. Definitely uber cool. The more ‘Walking Dead’ on TV the better.