Sure ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘ may have just been released this past weekend but we’re  already getting geared up for the next installment of the film. Not only are we getting excited for it, but apparently so is screenwriter Simon Kinberg! He’s not only given his input on the post credit scene from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ but also a bit more on the role of Quicksilver in the future of the X-Men franchise.

Now I have to warn you there are some huge spoilers coming up. If it is too early for you to want to know anything about ‘X-Men: Apocalypse‘ you don’t want to read past here. Specifically things such as how the villain will be portrayed or who will be included in the film… you really don’t want to go any further.

Ready? I wasn’t but once I’ve read this I absolutely know that I am!

So who all will be included in the movie? Well:

“Apocalypse will primarily follow the First Class cast…but there may be some members of the original cast that could be a part of that. There may be a chance to tell origin stories for other members of the X-Men universe that we haven’t seen yet.”

So there, of course, will be the ‘First Class‘ cast returning and of course Wolverine ,which we already knew about. Patrick Stewart also hinted a return in future mutant films. How about the the villain himself? Well, the filmmakers seem to want someone as big as Professor X or Magneto on screen:

“What the comics do best and I think Bryan’s done so well with these movies is humanizing, dramatizing the characters. It’s really been about how do we give him [Apocalypse], most importantly, a very human and relatable motivation so that as extreme and insane as his methods are, there is something, you know, understandable, almost empathetic about his motivation. Some of that is in the books, some of that is us building on that. You know, fully dimensionalizing the character, but it is a huge part of the task of adapting the story of Apocalypse. It is making him, while larger than life also dow to a human, emotional scale. We’re definitely approaching him as a super charismatic leader that will draw people to his cause. So far, in the X-Men movies, there really are two leaders. You know, there’s Eric/Magneto and what he did with the Brotherhood and Charles/Professor Xavier and what he did with the X-Men. Apocalypse presents a new leader, the darkest leader in the franchise.”

Those of us who follow the comics have seen a possible future that Apocalypse created. Darkest leader is a very fitting role and speaking of the world that he creates:

“I had read Age of Apocalypse and most of the appearances of Apocalypse before thinking about the movie, but went back and reread it and I think one of the things that’s most exciting about it is the potential for the visual scale of the movie, and so it is a larger story than even ‘Days of Future Past’. In ‘Days of Future Past’, they’re trying to stop something that’s not extinction level in the moment, although it could be one day. There’s not an immediacy in the plot and this is a plot that actually has extinction level stakes and is even more global than anything we’ve ever seen before. There’s a lot of architecture from the stories that we’ll be using. It will be about his character emotionally, you know, like who is he? Not just as a mutant, but as a person.”

So I’m a little excited that before he wrote the movie he actually read everything with Apocalypse in it. That gives me a lot of hope for how they will be portraying the character!

Unlike in ‘Days of Future Past,’ there will be no time travelling in this film!

“The Apocalypse story has a lot of different ways of telling stories. That was one of the things that I liked about ‘Days of Future Past:’ Doing a time travel movie where it’s not just sending someone back in time, but actually intercutting between the past and the future that we really haven’t seen in a movie before. Usually you have somebody go back and stay in the past the whole movie. Apocalypse has some, without getting into detail, as you know from the books, has some innovative, different ways of storytelling also.”

Want to watch the full interview? Check it out below!

Are you getting excited for the ‘Age of Apocalypse’ without having moved on yet from opening weekend of ‘Days of Future Past’ or do you think we’ve already getting way too much too soon? Share your thoughts below!

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