By now, fans should already be used to secrecy when it comes to anything J.J. Abrams is associated with. Now that he’s directing ‘Star Wars: Episode VII,’ don’t expect much information to come out either from him or anyone connected to the film – and that includes its actors.

On an episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Harrison Ford appeared to promote the film “42,” but like all proper hosts of any talk show, Kimmel had to ask Ford about his involvement in the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ film. Of course, Ford had to give the standard, “I can’t talk about it” answer which, most agree, neither confirms nor denies whether he’ll be in the film (which usually means he’ll be involved in some way!). Kimmel then let the audience ask the celebrity questions as long as they weren’t ‘Star Wars’ related. Unfortunately, one member of the audience didn’t sit well with Ford.

Take a look:

Who’d a thought after all this time, Han and Chewie still had issues?!  And with his wife no less! Guess Patton Oswalt was wrong to pitch about the love triangle between Llando, Princess Leia and Han and should’ve stuck Chewbacca in the mix.

Of course this was all in fun, but it brought back some great nostalgic memories of the Han Solo we’re familiar with back in the day.

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