A few months back the big screen adaptation of ‘Assassin’s Creed seemed to have finally found its director in Daniel Espinosa (‘Safe House’, ‘Easy Money’), though that now seems to have fallen through as another name appears to have risen to helm the film. With Michael Fassbender (‘X-Men: First Class‘,’Prometheus‘) set to both star in and produce the film, it has been fast tracked to get into production. The problem is they haven’t been able to keep things moving forward on a positive note. Now, though, it looks as if New Regency and Ubisoft are in talks with Justin Kurzel (‘The Snowtown Murders’,’The Turning’) to direct the film.

The video game that the movie is based around has a modern day assassin-in-training who has to relive the lives of his ancestors who also followed the same calling. As he travels through time, he must obtain MacGuffins known as “Pieces of Eden’. One has to wonder if they are going to go that route or just focus on a single assassin whose life they would be following through.

While Kurzel doesn’t have too many screen credits under his name, he did just finish directing ‘Macbeth’ which stars Fassbender. Clearly if his name is suddenly at the top of the list, the actor must have been extremely impressed with his work. While there isn’t a deal in place as of yet, the film is trying to get underway sooner than later.

While Kurzel having worked with Fassbender and knowing how to direct him is a plus, how does he go from Shakespeare to a video game adaptation? Well if you think about it, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is truly a period piece with a bit more action so this is actually a potentially perfect fit.

All I know is that if they want to hit the August 7th, 2015 release date that they have penciled in. they are going to have to begin shooting soon.

Do you think the latest name up for directing the film could be a good fit? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline