The war between DC and Marvel has been ongoing for years. It used to be all about who had the better comics, but now that both companies have wandered into the movie making business , the debate has spilt over to who has the better movies and which does better at the box office. While no one can argue about the enormous success ‘The Avengers’ had, the question on who makes more money at the theaters is not an easy one to answer.

Granted, Marvel has made many more films than DC so it would be simple to conclude that they win the box office debate. However, DC does have a leg up on Marvel in that the ones they have made do tend to be more hits than misses.  Add in the fact that, of the two, DC’s ‘The Dark Knight’ is the only comic film which has won an Academy Award (Heath Ledger was posthumously given one for his portrayal of the Joker).

The folks at Fancy Dress Costumes have provided a handy infographic to help explain it all. They’ve taken movies that have been made of comic superheroes from both factions since 1966, adjusted the box office receipts for inflations and have come to a surprising conclusion: While Marvel on a whole has taken in more money than DC (which was expected), DC makes more money per movie than Marvel.

Take a look below, relive (or groan) at some of the movies that have been made over the years and decide which comic book giant should claim triumphant.