“No longer a dark, gray bird,

Ugly and disagreeable to look at,

But a graceful and beautiful swan.”

Well Portland, Trubel has officially set up shop in Nick’s fair city and the current Grimm is ready to teach his brethren the ropes on the do’s and don’ts of Grimm-hood. Of course, the news isn’t what Juliette would call endearing. Nick shares with her Trubel’s less than ideal introduction into the wonderful world of Wesen and how, as a Grimm, he has a responsibility to help out the young woman. “She just needs a warm bed, a roof, and a little understanding,” he says and with that, despite her reservations, Juliette is on board.

The Captain and the Hexenbiest

While Trubel’s getting acclimated to her new shelter and delving more into a Grimm’s life by way questioning Juliette, several women work together to do some major shoplifting at an extremely swanky store. One of the women—Cami—is made and though she gets away, she’s failed. And when the others return to their makeshift HQ, reporting into the mysterious Ken, we already know that Cami’s in deep shinola for her failure. When she returns later in the night, Ken reminds her about their little tribe. “Without family, we’re nothing,” he says before wogeing in from of the trembling girl and ending her life.

On the baby Diana front, Renard puts Adalind up in a very high class hotel and moves to leave but she stops him. She admits that, despite being impossible to forgive him for his actions and being afraid of him (a sentiment he shares about her) “I’m more afraid of being alone,” says the Hexenbiest. Her pleas reach him and the once lovers share their feelings over their baby girl. Though she may not be a baby, Trubel’s not quite self-sufficient in this new Grimm world. After having a nightmare about the horrible visages of Wesen she’s seen over the last few months, she decides it’s time to hightail it out, still uneasy with other people’s kindness. She doesn’t get off the porch before Nick steps from the shadows, waiting for her to make this type of move. He wants to be there for her, being honest on how good it is to have someone like him around. He hopes she stays and, before leaving her to ponder things, offers her back the black knight chest piece she lost during her first introduction to the Portland Wesen community. Nick returns to bed and tells Juliette that their new guest will be staying with them “for now” but they have to have a place to start and that’s with Monroe and Rosalee…

Understandably shaky about having an unknown Grimm in their presence, the couple does help in showing Trubel that all Wesen aren’t out to kill her. The newbie Grimm is visibly skittish but stands tall until she gets used to the Blutbad and Fuchsbau true face. After explaining just how important this moment is for them as well, Rosalee warns Trubel that “not all Wesen are like us…so you need to be careful. During the Wesen meet and greet, Nick gets a call about the exsanguinated body of Cami, discovered by a couple on a morning run with their dog. After examining the body and covering for Trubel’s slip of the perp (“It’s gotta be Wesen”) they re-visit the trailer and find that the marks match those left by a Lebensauger, a Wesen who coerces its victims through fear. Wu drops a line about the victim that leads the trio to New Beginnings halfway house. Before they get a jump on it, Trubel spots a Siegbarste, the Wesen that killed her foster parents. She drops all pretense and when Nick recognizes the toll things have taken on her, he offers to take her home. “No,” she tells him, “I’m done running.”

Trubel waits in the car at the halfway house while Nick and Hank do the questioning. She spots a Wesen when ends up being Meagan, Cami’s old roomie who doesn’t cooperate with the detectives. More a violence is a necessary form of action, Trubel accosts the girl putting the fear of Grimm in her; she gives up the name Donna. Add to Wu’s call about the surveillance footage of the robbery Cami was a part of and the trio follow up on the other bit of news from Meagan by staking out O’Brien Square. It doesn’t take long for them to recognize a woman who’s out of place, dressed to the nines and searching for someone. As is her MO, Trubel takes the initiative and gets herself a seat as Cami’s replacement for Ken’s gang of girls.

Trubel kicking some serious arse

On her own, Trubel keeps her cool when she meets Ken at the warehouse. He dolls her up in a dress and heels and, for the briefest of moments, she loses herself in the possibilities of “what if”. But when Ken tries laying down the law, even advancing on her, Trubel’s done with the BS and gives him a Grimm smack down. The odds turn when Donna ends up being a Lebensauger as well. Lucky for Trubel, Nick and Hank have followed the breadcrumbs to the warehouse and get there in time to see Trubel take Donna out before they fill Ken full of lead slugs.

During all the Grimm detective work, Adalind has busied herself searching for something in her mother’s storage unit. She finds it; a Grimoire-like book that she can’t open until accidentally cutting herself and bleeding on the book. It opens itself to her but we’ll have to wait to see what secrets it hides.

“She’s gonna get herself killed,” Nick worries to Juliette about his new charge. Trubel admits to screwing up, despite her success. “I need to know more—I hope you’re still willing to help me.” Nick puts the talk off until the morning while Trubel retires to her room, sketching another Wesen encounter.

Oh, and it looks like there’s another key in play.

‘Grimm’ Times

  • Though we were introduced to Trubel last week, we really don’t get a true gauge on her character until this week. She’s a virtual twin of Buffy’s second slayer Faith, down to running from the monster that killed her foster parents (or watcher in Faith’s case). But there’s a bit less rebelliousness in this Trubel and a fair degree of initiative. I really like her and am interesting to see where she fits into things. I’ll say this; she couldn’t come at a better time as Nick will need the back up and soon.
  • It’s hard to tell if Renard is falling for Adalind’s new damsel in distress attitude. Despite being wary, methinks he’s not wary enough as the once sobbing mother is refocused and getting back into the game. Just how that grimoire plays into things, one can only imagine. And then, there’s the business about a new key in town…