OK, I admit it… I’m a fan of the CW’s mega-hit series, ‘Supernatural.’ Dean is one cool dude, and Sam is, well, Dean is one cool dude. Stick with me, my story gets better! They tool around in an incredibly sick, black ’67 Impala – hell, that alone is enough to make me watch it! But the story lines are well written, smart, and entertaining. The soundtrack is amazing and the comic relief moments are perfectly timed and hit hard.

So although I was a little surprised by this news, I was also thrilled. The Winchester Boy’s gave birth to a spin-off! The very fact that they are in their 10th season is saying something. Now, we’ve got your first look at ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines!’

‘Bloodlines’ promises the same action and creepy adventure, with some romance thrown into the cauldron to boot. The backdoor pilot finds Sam & Dean in the “Windy City,” where mafia style families of “Supernatural’s” run the seedy underbelly of the city. The local creepers are hunted by new blood hunter Ennis Roth, played by Lucien Laviscount. (‘Coronation Street,’ ‘Episodes.’)

Amidst the warring clans, a Montagues and Capulets battle rages, sparking a Romeo and Juliet style romance between shapeshifter David (‘The Originals’  Nathaniel Bozulic) and werewolf Violet Durant (Melissa Roxburgh).

Other cast members include Danielle Savre (‘Heroes‘) as shapeshifter Margo Hayden, Sean Faris (‘Pretty Little Liars’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’) as werewolf  Julian Durant and Stephen Martines (‘Burn Notice’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’) as Chicago Detective Freddie Costa.

Check out the first images from the ‘Supernatural’ episode that will introduce fans to this new series:

Finally, we get our first look at Laviscount as Ennis Ross, a police academy trainee whose fiancée is killed in the crossfire of a monster war. Per the official description, Ennis will cross paths with the Winchesters after the brothers head to Chicago on a case and soon learn of the mafia-esque monster families running the underbelly of the city.

‘Bloodlines’ executive producer Jeremy Carver said,

“We’ve created a world that feels like the ‘Supernatural world yet has so much more story to be told that doesn’t trample on the mother ship’s terrain. You’ve got two shows that are going to be able to exist in total harmony, I think.”

Get ready kids, here’s the trailer:

The backdoor pilot for ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’ airs Tuesday,April 29, at 9 PM ET/PT on the CW.

Sources: TV Line, EW