A Deleted Netflix Tweet May Have Revealed When Black Mirror Will Return

Social media can cause all kinds of problems for people and a now-deleted tweet from Netflix may have revealed the release date for ‘Black Mirror‘ a bit prematurely. On a series about how life can be changed by our technology going wrong, this seems like a rather fitting way for the fifth season announcement to come about so, if this was an early announcement and not an accident, we can all expect ‘Black Mirror’ to return on Friday, December 28th, 2018!

With Season 4 of the fantastic anthology series having been released in the last Friday of 2017, this release date would line up with that and chances are we’ll see it prove to be true. The first episode was titled “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” which could have a couple of meanings. While a Bandersnatch is a creature referenced in Lewis Carroll’s classic ‘Through the Looking-Glass,’ it was also a 1984 computer game which the show had mentioned in the third season episode “Playtest.”



Of course, it could also prove not to be the new season but a Christmas episode as well:

It is hard to tell if this will end up being the full next season release or just a late Christmas special as a present to fans of the series. It should be noted that putting a focus on a video game causing chaos would be the perfect way to try and get viewers to go old school and maybe buy a ‘Black Mirror’ boardgame instead!

One interesting tidbit is that franchise creator Charlie Brooker did claim that the Season 5 episodes won’t be sequels to previous episodes which makes this more likely to either not be related to “Playtest” or be a stand alone.

Do you think this will be the next season of ‘Black Mirror’ or just a one-shot for the season? Will this tie directly into the Season 3 episode of “Playtest”? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly