Bruce Timm is one of the most revered names in animation, especially pertaining to DC Comics various adaptations, beginning with ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, followed by ‘Superman: The Animated Series’, ‘Batman Beyond’, ‘Justice League’/’Justice League Unlimited’ and most recently ‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’.  He also produced several DC direct-to-DVD movies but recently stepped aside to develop other projects.

But he’s not averse to dipping his foot back in the DC pond from time to time.  Last year, in honor of Superman’s 75th anniversary, he directed a sweet montage video that paid tribute to the Man of Steel from his entire history.  (Well mostly.)  This year is Batman’s 75th anniversary, so once again Timm has stepped up to deliver a video tribute.

Originally aired during ‘Teen Titans Go!’ (which is why no one saw it), ‘Batman: Strange Days’ harkens back to the original pulpy Bill Finger/Bob Kane era, pitting Batman against mad scientist Hugo Strange and his brutish assistant who might be Solomon Grundy, although he also bears a visual similarity to The Scarecrow in the later seasons of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.  The short is rendered in black and white and has a movie serial feel to it.  Also worth noting is that Batman, who only has one line of dialogue, is once again voiced by Kevin Conroy, the man many people feel is the only real voice of Batman.

Watch the video for yourself below!

Pretty excellent, right?  As if this weren’t enough, Timm also hinted that he might also be working on a ‘Batman Beyond’ short!

What else is there to say, but “Happy Anniversary, Batman!”