Justice League: War‘ arrives in stores on DVD and BluRay on February 4th and is the first Warner Brothers/DC animated movie set in the New 52, which will depict the formation of the Justice League, as the fledgling heroes gather to oppose Darkseid and his invading hordes.

The story deviates slightly from the comics, as Aquaman is omitted and replaced by Shazam.  The team also included Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Superman and Cyborg, who in the comics, became the half-human/half-robot hybrid as a result of this invasion.

The cast includes Jason O’Mara (Batman), Christopher Gorham (The Flash), Justin Kirk (Green Lantern), Alan Tudyk (Superman), Michelle Monaghan (Wonder Woman), Shemar Moore (Cyborg), Sean Astin (Shazam), Bruce Thomas (DeSaad) and Steve Blum (Darkseid).  Interestingly, the cast also includes George Newborn who voiced Superman on Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, but this time he is playing Steve Trevor.

With the movie quickly approaching, WB/DC has released a new clip showcasing Wonder Woman in action as she takes on the Parademon army… very bloodily as she slings her sword more than her magic lasso.

Check out the preview below:

Are you excited to see this new ‘Justice League’ movie?

Source: SuperHero Hype