It looks like Matt Ryan won’t be acting alone in the pilot for ‘Constantine’ as they’ve just added 3 new cast members to round off some of the main characters! Joining Ryan will be Harold Perrineau (’28 Weeks Later’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’), Lucy Griffiths (‘True Blood‘, ‘Winter’s Tale’), and Charles Halford (‘True Detective’, ‘The Cell 2’). While co-creator Stephen Bissette might not be happy about his lack of input on the show, these latest cast member announcements may help him ease into the idea.

Currently, Griffiths is set to play Liz, the daughter of a late friend of Constantine. She is the female lead on the show and is described as an offbeat young lady who Constantine becomes involved with when she becomes targeted by demons and has no one else who can save her. Not only that, but we quickly learn that she has the ability to see the supernatural world that normally hides in plain site among the mortals. Over the course of the series (or possibly just the pilot), she will team up with Constantine and learn to use her power to help him save lives. It also sounds as if there will be some intrigue involved with the passing of her father that will be explored as well.

Perrineau will play Manny, an angel that is assigned to watch over Constantine. He has the power to step into other people’s bodies and while his purpose is to observe, things aren’t so black and white to this angel who is willing to help save a life if he has the chance.

Finally, we have Halford who will be taking on the role of Chas. Chas is Constantine’s oldest friend and possesses survival skills that could very well be supernatural with how effective they are.

Clearly from the descriptions, demons will be at play in this though no word if they will be live acted, CGI, or even directly involved in the pilot or be manipulating things from the shadows.

No word yet for an exact date for the series but once it is released, we’ll let you know! While we wait, how do you think the series sounds so far?

Source: Deadline