Well it looks like production for ‘Under the Dome’ has kicked off for its second season. Not only that but we know that the first episode has been written by Stephen King himself! In fact we can see King below working on what at first appears to be the script itself! That’s what a couple of cast members think it is when they bring up the fact that they are worried that no one is safe this season. He isn’t working on the script though as what we are actually seeing is King’s new way of Tweeting which you really need to see to enjoy.

Clearly King has finally lost his fragile grip on sanity. No one else is getting signal there! With everything that he’s written over the years it was only a matter of time before it happened. What we did get to find out though is that the entire script for the second season looks to be done! With the script itself done production has kicked off in Wilmington, N.C. under the guiding hands of director Jack Bender.

Will it live up to the rave reviews of the first season now that we’re going into original material from the novel? King has been excited about the series going into a new direction but we’ll have to wait to find out on Monday June 30th. With more fans getting hooked since it’s release on Amazon Prime I suspect we’re going to see a repeat of it being the top scripted summer series. Will it top it’s ratings from last year that were the highest in 21 years and top its average of 15.06 million viewers per episode? If they can keep up the quality from the first season I have a feeling it will!

What do you think of King’s tweeting? Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘Under the Dome’?

Source: ComingSoon