At some time or another, we’ve all wondered what it’d be like to go back and change our actions during that one defining moment in our lives. While we may never get the chance to ever “fix” things, our favorite witchy ghost, Sally, does just that in this week’s ‘Being Human’.

In the final seconds of last week’s episode, Sally found herself with, well, herself on the fateful night Danny sent her careening down the steps and to her death. Instead of watching the horrible event replay itself, she takes charge, jumping into her own body, cold-cocking her slimy hubby and telling him in no uncertain terms, they were done.

Good on you, Sally! But, as with everything, actions do have consequences and those consequences become very apparent at the start when Sally’s bestie Bridget takes her to the hospital where she meets Nora and Aidan for the first time. She would love to say something to Aidan but it’s “not the right time,” she tells Bridget. Fast forward SIX MONTHS, and Sally’s bought the house from Danny and Bridget believes it’s Sally’s way of holding onto the past, a past that hasn’t quite changed the way Ms. Malik would believe. When Bridget informs Sally she and Danny are now dating, it’s a reminder to Sally that she has the play book and needs to act. Her first successful act becomes interrupting Aidan and Rebecca’s date, one that ended with the redhead becoming a vampire, starting Aidan’s spiral back into Bishop’s clutches. Granted, Sally’s methods are a bit crude but do the job and when she confronts Aidan outside, she explains the truth of everything and promises, above all things, to prevent Aidan from going back to his maker.

Aidan and Sally; the cute and unexpected couple

With Sally’s help and some amazing crown molding, Aidan convinces Josh their experiment of ‘being human’ is ready to rock. After a patented Josh freak-out, things are settled in quite the wonderful move-in montage, the trio’s reunited. Despite some fantastically hilarious banter on Josh’s wolfy-ness we find that all that glitters ain’t truly gold…Aidan and Josh come home one day to two cops and a hysterical Sally. Looks like Danny’s murderous tendencies take the life of another victim—Bridget.  The ensuing conversation has the two friends sharing the most intimate details of their lives, with Aidan confessing how much Sally helped him that night at the bar.  “I am so lucky to have you in my life,” he admits to her and the admission is a powerful one, with the two kissing for the first time.

3 months later…

The happy couple’s ready to have a nice quiet dinner at home with—you guessed it—Nora. The dinner is a success and the new couple does some not so subtle manipulations to leave Josh and Nora alone. Dancing the night away at a club, Sally and Aidan are confronted by Marcus, Bishop’s current second though his menacing routine is cut short by Sally mentioning his involvement with the Amish. She caps off things with an “I’m the ghost of Christmas…suck it!” zinger.

1 month later

This is where things REALLY go off the scripted page. Josh is freaking (of course) when Sally drops the bomb of bombs on him…basically, that he marries her. At the hospital, Josh and Nora are about to get it on when Sally interrupts them. Her interruption and subsequent ushering of Josh into the basement leads Sally to being the one who gets scratched, an event that none of use saw coming. And, yep, ONE MONTH LATER, Josh and Sally are out in the woods, ready for their transformation, the former still feeling the guilt of what he did to her. “Josh,” Sally tells him, “I’m with you. Always.” 

3 months later

A dejected Josh can only watch as Nora and her doctor dude are getting along quite well.  His depressed state propels him to warn Aidan to be careful on things with Sally, it’s the first wedge nestled between the two’s one unbreakable bond. Not too long after, Aidan and Sally trade “I love you”s for the first time as he drops her off in the woods for the monthly transformation. But Josh is nowhere to be found and when they run into him at home the next morning, bad influence Ray is there, his claws into Josh. Sally tells him that Ray is Josh’s maker and suggests he end the bad man who took everything from him but Josh has given up. “This is my life, man. This is my life!” he exclaims, admitting that he doesn’t fit in their lives anymore, the experiment has failed and he’s moving out. When Aidan shows how fed up he is with Josh, Sally takes it as her changing him, making him give up on Josh. She can’t be with him anymore, not until she fixes things.

1 fateful month later…

Vampire versus werewolf on a fateful night

Josh is hanging with Ray, drinking it up while, at the blood den, Aidan is doing the same with Marcus. The werewolf trouble maker leads Josh to the den where they find Sally waiting outside for Aidan. When he drunkenly stumbles out with an equally blood intoxicated Marcus, the stuff really hits the fan. Sally tries to reach Josh, imploring him on the fact that they can “stop this” but Ray takes things in his own hands, attacking Aidan while Marcus goes for Josh. Sally tries breaking up the separate fights to no avail and, when Ray swings a pole, intent on cracking Aidan’s skull, he catches Sally in the back of the head, killing her. Aidan can only hold his love as she whispers a final “I forgive you…I love you”…and then she’s gone as a bell sounds in the night.

Changing the script

  • One of the most impressive ‘Being Human’ episodes in the show’s history, “Rewind, Rewind…” is a harsh reminder that, even if we could change the past, they end result wouldn’t necessarily work out the way we’d wish them to work out. For better or worse, what happens to us, while it does shape us, it doesn’t need to define us. Aidan, Josh and Sally are examples, like us real folk, who sometimes get caught up in the things we did, in the people we were when the fact of the matter is, who we are in the present and (ultimately) future, does not have to be based on the preliminary blueprints of our past.
  • So where do we go from here? With only a handful of episodes left, the crew will have to deal with the fallout from the musical chair type adjustment to their lives, notable Aidan losing Sally and Josh potentially losing the love of his life. Despite Sally’s knowledge, they are still flying into the unknown, like all of us when we go into the future. Their one saving grace is that they could still be facing it together. Maybe Josh was wrong; maybe the experiment has failed after all.