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The cast for ‘The Veil’ is really shaping up as it already had Jessica Alba (‘Sin City’,’Fantastic Four‘) and Thomas Jane (‘The Mist’,’The Punisher’) aboard. Now they have just added Lily Rabe (‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1‘,’American Horror Story‘) to its cast! The micro-budget horror film is being directed by Phil Joanou (‘Gridiron Gang’, ‘Final Analysis’) and written by Robert Ben Garant (‘Night at the Museum’, ‘Reno 911’).

The film will put Rabe in the starring role of the only survivor of a religious cult known as Heaven’s Veil who 30 years prior all took their own lives. While no one knows exactly what happened or how Rabe’s character was able to get out of the compound at 5 years old but she is returning with a documentary crew in hopes to find the secrets buried in her mind from. Of course, the truth if always far more terrifying than anything that they could have imagined! While Rabe is playing the role of the survivor, Alba will be the filmmaker who is making the documentary. Jane’s role has not yet been revealed but I could see him playing the part of the cult leader so here’s hoping that’s where we will see him end up.

While the film hasn’t stated if it’ll be a found footage movie, what sticks out is that it’s listed as a micro-budget and there will be a documentary being filmed with it. My money is on us getting a star studded found footage feature but we’ll have to wait and find out more details before that’s confirmed. I, for one, am long sick of found footage films from the premise of realistically who would continue filming as a monster is running at them? Hopefully they have a premise that will work the way ‘Paranormal Activity’ did with previously setup cameras.

What are your thoughts on the plot and casting so far? Do they have a new horror hit here or are we retreading old ground? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter