To those of you who are like me and generally shun remakes of old horror movies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the 2011 remake of Fright Night, starring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots and David Tennant. I didn’t have high hopes going into the film, I was just excited to feed my David Tennant fan-girl self. But I do enjoy good horror movies, and the original Fright Night (1985) is one of those movies that bring nostalgia on.

The 2011 remake is updated, campy and everything that you want to see in a comedy horror movie. Colin Farrell brings to life the new next door neighbor Jerry to Anton Yelchin’s Charlie. When the kids in school start disappearing, Charlie goes to investigate, and turns to David Tennant’s Peter Vincent for help.

I particularly enjoyed the few jabs they took at Twilight, and they brought in Chris Sarandon (who was the original Jerry in the 1985 version) in a cameo appearance. Also, points for using the Bluegrass cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” during the closing credits.

I saw the movie in 3D, only because there are no theaters in my area playing the 2D version. This is not necessary. There are about 3 points in the movie where the 3D effect is interesting, but its not worth spending the extra money on.

All in all I give this movie a solid B. It was funny, but not really scary. It was entertaining and worth seeing.

Did you see Fright Night? Do you think it was worth seeing in 3D? Did you avoid it because it is just another movie remake?