Marvel is making major moves in May of this year with their next huge crossover called ‘Original Sin’, which will play out as the universe’s biggest murder mystery as Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr. tell the story of Uatau the Watcher’s death. Previously, we’ve gotten some teaser images for the event and Aaron has talked a bit about what to expect, but now the latest batch of promotional material sees the line up of suspects begin to take shape.

Recently, writer Aaron and executive editor Tom Brevoort spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about some of the mysterious elements of ‘Original Sin’ that sets the events in motion. For starters, there are some very suspicious aspects about the Watcher’s murder that could ruin a lot of people’s days:

“When the heroes find the Watcher’s body on the moon, his eyes are gone. Nobody is sure initially what that means, but we learn that the Watcher’s eyes are the secret to unlocking everything he has seen over the years. Whoever holds those eyes is able to basically explode a bomb full of secrets.”

Brevoort then weighed in on the sorts of secrets that may be unearthed during this event, including some previously unknown information about two of the biggest heroes in the company:

“This is the ultimate NSA leak. This guy knows where bodies are buried [that] we didn’t even know were buried. Captain America will learn that somebody close to him has tampered with his memories, with his mind. [And we] learn that somebody else was bitten by the same radioactive spider that led to the origin of Spidey.”

My guess is that Cap will finally discover the crimes of the Illuminati from Jonathan Hickman’s current run on ‘New Avengers’. If that’s the way things are going, then that should be really exciting. As for our friendly neighborhood web-slinger, now that the real Peter Parker is slated to return in All-New Marvel NOW’s  ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ in April, this story just adds to the list of new things that we’re bound to discover about the character.

And to go along with Brevoort’s comments, Marvel has released a couple more teaser images featuring the Sentinel of Liberty and Avenging Arachnid on their website. You can check them both out below:

It sounds like some huge things are in store for ‘Original Sin’. In fact, Marvel Editor In Chief Axel Alonso says that it “will change the lives of the character for the foreseeable future with long-term, potentially permanent ramifications”. With a tall order like this one coming up, what are your thoughts on the future of the Marvel Universe? Do you have any ideas about who could have murdered the Watcher? Let’s hear your thoughts and theories in the comment section.