Disney may have pulled the plug on adding Star Wars themed attractions to its theme parks, but Paramont Park Muncia is moving ahead at warp speed with plans to install an entire ‘Star Trek’ theme park.  Dubbed Plaza Futura, the area will include a Starfleet recruiting center, a 3D simulator ride and a “Warp Speed” roller coaster that includes a “wormhole.”  The attraction is set to open in 2015.  Oh and it’s in Spain.  I mentioned that, right?

Sigh!  So maybe most of us will never visit this park, but we can at least savor the concept art which looks as if it was ripped straight out of J.J. Abrams’ movies.  Check out the gallery below and click to enlarge the images.

Of course, also expect various Trek themed restaurants and souvenir shops to phaser you apart from your cha-ching.

So, who wants to go in on a ‘Star Trek’ party plane to Spain?

Sources: Zap2Iti09