‘Westworld’ Season 1 SPOILERS AHEAD, read on only if YOU ARE CAUGHT UP!

First off all, to be clear, if you stick around after the episodes on Sunday, than this “new” featurette will seem mighty familiar to you, as it is the same one that HBO stuck at the end of the episode Sunday night, only now they have released it to the internet at large, most likely to help promote the upcoming season finale of ‘Westworld’ Season 1 on Sunday, and to continue to spark debate over all of the big reveals from last Sunday’s major penultimate episode. The featurette of course delve’s into the star of last week’s episode (and potentially the real star of the show, Bernard, aka the host version of Arnold) and what makes him tick. Show creator and producer Lisa Joy talks about how Bernard’s backstory regarding his son is a kind of mythology instilled into the man by Ford as both a corner stone and a stumbling block for the host, pain that grounds him and prevents him from spending too much time dwelling on the past, and creates an empathy that over the years I suppose has helped him to truly care for the other hosts and want to see them thrive and improve, much like a father would want to see his children grow and mature (which I suspect will be a metaphor for Arnold and the hosts as time progresses). Personally, with all of the build up, and the fact that everything that has happened to him makes Bernard one of the most sympathetic hosts on the show, I truly hope he was not really killed off by Ford, and that he survives to the finale and beyond, as I would love to see him unlock the Arnold inside, and help the other hosts find their true potential.

Make sure you check out the full featurette for yourself below, and than share any thoughts you might have about the finale of the first season, including whether Bernard is really and truly dead in the comments below!

SOURCE: Collider

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